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Friday, 29 January 2010

20 Minuter update...

It seems I don't have a lot to show for my 20 Minuters this week but if you read previous blogs you may understand why :-)

I have been dyeing. When I'm dumfing [embellishing] pictures I prefer to use pale pastel shaded fabric to work on and buying very pale felts has proved difficult locally so I have attempted to do my own. I have used a brush full of Dylon fabric paint in water and gently squeezed out my felt and linen fabric in it.

The results are just perfect, if but a little too subtle to really capture on a photo. I have done some pale blues, pinks and greens so I can choose a colour depending on what design I'm going to dumf on it.

This is the starting point of my next dumfed picture. I have dumfed wool rovings into a linen background and will then work on top with threads, fibres and fabrics. I am experimenting with an idea given to me by Felted House and intend mounting this on an artists canvas. I will post updates as I go along so watch this space.

It doesn't look a lot, I know, but I am still managing my 20 Minuter every day and loving it. Look forward to catching up with all the fellow 20 Minuters and seeing how they are doing.


Felted House said...

I'm so glad you're trying out a canvas, I do hope it works well. I need to take the plunge with dyeing at some stage, it does give some lovely subtle shades but I just can't quite face the learning curve yet! xx

Shelly said...

I'm enjoying watching your techniques, they are new to me but oh so interesting...Shelly

Ann said...

From such small uninspiring beginnings you produce some fabulous pictures! You are very talented in my eyes.

MarmaladeRose said...

Your 20 minutes are working for me, I feel very inspired to do some more of my felt pictures. I only do wet felting though and it's such a palava! It's good when it's finished but quite hard work!