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Thursday, 14 January 2010

20 Minuters

I have joined a group called 20 Minuters thanks to a New Years Resolution started by MarmaladeRose. The idea is that every day, for the next year, we have to promise to do 20 minutes [at least] of a creative craft. It can be sewing, knitting, crocheting, card making or anything else that takes your fancy. The idea is that, even if you have a day when you aren't feeling very inspired, you spend 20 minutes doing something even if it's something as simple as stitching just straight lines on fabric. The plan is to make crafting a daily habit and hopefully out of that comes more inspiration. I know we all have days when the mojo goes walk about so I'm definitely up for the challenge.
I started yesterday, on a day when I desperately needed inspiration. I spent a couple of hours dumfing on just strips of white felt. I made 3 strips of felt like this with the idea that on a more inspired day I can embellish these with buttons/beads/threads and cut them up to make card toppers. It was a really good exercise and I will blog the results soon. Thanks lots MarmaladeRose for giving me the incentive to have a go.

One of the ladies in the group has a really super give-away at the mo so pop over to here to take a look.


Twiglet said...


MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Wipso, you've been added to the 20 Minuters list. I'm going to try and make us all a flickr page to share the results of our endevours. Don't forget to post pics of you work and encourage the others. Happy crafting.

Love Fi x

Julia Dunnit said...

Well that's a great idea. You and Twiglet will have a week of 20 minutes and by Monday you'll both be creating something marvellous, I know it.

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

What a fab idea. I'm trying to do a similar idea with a salsacise dvd to get my muscles working a bit everyday. I'm only doing 10-15 mins because I have to pace myself. Done 3 days so far & feeling not too bad for it. I am then sitting & doing some crafting (usually a challenge or too) I shall incorporate this idea so when I have less inspiring days (which I have many!) I'll be doing something. Thanks for this idea its really perked me up.
PS thank you for the lovely comments on my blog & I shall let you know re a picture for my mum. her birthdays in june so I was thinking something for then x