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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Brrrrrr it's a WOYWW...

Ooer we had a lots of snow in the night and this morning this is the view that greeted me. This is looking out through my sewing room window and that is the path my customers have to take to get to me so I doubt I will get many visitors today. It's not a bad thing because I already have sewing jobs to do and should be able to get these out of the way while I'm not being disturbed by customers.

I have a brown waxed coat to shorten and a new zip to put in the blue jacket.

The working trousers that are sitting here on my table are needing new zips and repairs to ripped seams. You can also see the now finished and framed flower picture I have used for my header. I'm rather pleased with it. :-)

This is the view from the back of our house and as you can see from the little footprints it's where our dogs run and play. It's a north facing garden and has been frosted, hard and crisp for what seems like weeks now.
The result of the hard ground is this. Skye is our old lady and she has sore feet from walking on the ice. [She went from having one blue foot to two red feet :-) ] She has needed several visits to the vets to have her feet dressed, injections and antibiotics so no doubt we will need a second mortgage to settle the bill when her treatment is complete :-( I think she rather likes her new socks.

Now pop over to Julia's blog and join in the fun by showing us what you have on your workdesk today.


Susan said...

Awww bless Syke! Love the blue sock!
We had more snow overnight so home again - getting stir crazy here - my desk may just have some activity on it today to relieve the stress of the chaos the weather has caused!!
Keep those fingers warm!

Twiglet said...

What a lovely garden you have - so beautifully neat and tidy! Well they all look like that when they are covered in snow!!! I am "upcycling" a sweater today - maybe I should join Julia's WOYWW!

Chrissie said...

I enjoyed your snowy pics too! If you think my desk is tidy...it's just an optical illusion... or careful avoidance of the messsy bits!

Linda Elbourne said...

Great socks ... the snow looks real pretty and oh my ... How busy are you??? So busy in fact ... if you point me in the right direction I shall make the coffees :0)
I totally love your new header piccie ... so very pretty X

Julia Dunnit said...

All in a day's work Wipso..all that sewing and unpicking and oh my! Good job you can see your customers coming, gives you a chance to lie on the floor and pretend you're out! Love that for an idea!! I think your framed embroidery picture should stay on your desk, not suprised you're pleased with it!

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Aww poor little thing. My big silly dog is loving the snow & driving me mad asking to go out all the time!!

Carmen said...

Poor Skye. My eldest doggy has been poorly for a coupleof days now too though hers is a tummy bug. She does look sorry for herself.

Love that framed picture, the colours are gorgeous.

Artyjen said...

Aaah! I think every dog should have snow socks!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ahh poor little Skye. thanks for sharing scan piccy with us :) Your flower pic is wonderful, clever you ;) What kind of needles do you use for the waxed jacket?
Anne xx

Kaz said...

Lovely doggie - check
Beautiful garden out the back - check
Fab flower header - check
Pretty view out of your crafty area - check

It looks like you live someone lovely. Hope you get your jobs finished soon xx

Ann said...

Poor little dog. I hope her feet get better soon.
I must admit I've had more than enough of the snow - no buses to get home tonight - I'm sleeping on a trolley again :)

Susie Sugar said...

Poor little love hope he recovers quickly
you have a great view and the snow looks so pretty and undisturbed unlike mine now Woody and John the snowman have been out there !!! lol
keep warm darling
Hugs Susie xx