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Thursday, 17 September 2009

WIYWW [only I'm a day late!]...

This is my What's in your workroom Wednesday blog. I told Julia I would try to get this done yesterday but it turned out to be rather busier than planned so I'm a day late. Hey ho. Thats life here :-) My day started with the second batch of army cadet jackets. Another 18 labels stitched on those and it was onto shortening 3 dresses, lifting the shoulders on one dress and then to put blackout linings into a pair of caravan curtains.
Big Sister Twiglet arrived at morning coffee time with a top she had run up for me....beautiful....she is so clever. Thanks sis, you're one in a million. We had time for a chat, giggle and a coffee then I mentioned I fancied making some beetroot chutney so she harvested the last of the beetroot in our garden. She found a recipe on the web and took her share of the beetroot home to make hers.

Mine sat in the bowl waiting for a gap in my busy day!

I ploughed on with lunch, sewing, sewing and yet more sewing. My next batch of bridesmaid dresses arrived in the afternoon ready for steaming and my neighbour popped in for a coffee with her 9mth old little girl. [It does feel a little like a drop in here at times but thats what I am here for...I love it]. The little one had been very poorly with a virus and had needed hospitalisation so it was really lovely to see her brighed eyes and bushy tailed again.
Tea was a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings for 4 as our son and girlfriend were home for tea. They have had a wonderful summer spending time together...just what life should be full of at their age. It's back to uni at the weekend so life will change again for them.

After tea I just had to tackle the beetroot. They were washed and cooked. The apples. marrow and onions were finely chopped along with the still hot cooked beetroot and put in a pan to cook with the sugar salt and vinegar.
After a lot of simmering and stirring and reducing the liquids it smelled wonderful and looked pretty good too.

It was cooled slightly and put into my new jars. Hey presto! 9.30pm and yes I'm shattered :-)


Twiglet said...

Never a dull moment at your place!!! Love the new jars and your jam pan - all mod cons then! I didn't put marrow in my chutney so it won't taste half as good as yours - but we knew that anyway - love you!

Wipso said...

You know all too well what Dad used to say!! :-)

Julia Dunnit said...

'Ere Wipso, something snowed on your chutney! Love that you've found time to WOYWW/WIYWW..the best thing about it is it doesn't matter when, we just wanna see what! And my word, in Wipso world, there's a lot of what going on; you are busy. Bet you slept well last night!

Wipso said...

No snow Julia. It was just the condensation 'cos it was still hot when I took the photo. We had some at lunchtime today.....yum yum. Really scrummy. Oh and yes I slept like a log. It's really lovely to see what is going on in other craft areas. A x

SueH said...

It made me feel exhausted just reading about your busy day….think I need a sit down now!

Hope you eye is still on the mend.

theothermousie said...

WOW - that was a busy day - but sounds enriching & rewarding too! Ahhh if only you lived closer I could pop in for a coffee too!

Hope you're well

Take care

Sarah xxx

Calico Kate said...

m going to have to look up this WIYWW thingy it sounds great I love being nosey at other folks projects & craft rooms.
Chutney looks fab but what a long and busy day you had - a satisfying one though I should think.