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Thursday, 3 September 2009

What's on my desks?...

Good morning. I was asked by Julia to describe what was on my desk because I had left a message on another blog that the job I was working on yesterday was a wedding dress and that I wouldn't want to put photos of it on my blog 'cos it was of course a secret to be kept for her special day. I decided I could do better than that and could pop a few photos here of areas of my room where I spend my days.

This is my computerised machine that I do the clever jobs on. I sew all my gorgeous wedding dresses on here and do any decorative stitching on my greetings cards on this one. As you can see I look out onto my bird feeders and even have one attached to the outside of my window so often have birds just literally inches away from me while I sew...bliss. This window faces south so I get all the sunshine here through my window.

This one is my overlocker. I hadn't used an overlocker 'til I did my tailoring training and now I couldn't imagine not using one. It finishes the seams off professionally and makes hand made garments look so much better. On the wall at the back you can see a few of my rubber stamps. I use these for my card making but only have room to display these few [there are many more in the drawers above].

This is my work horse. It's my industrial machine that I do all my everyday jobs on. It travels quickly through any job and I'm sure would be very unforgiving to any fingers in it's way [dare I say I've never had the pleasure of finding out?]. Below the table you can see draws full of threads of just about every colour available. My motto is "if I haven't got it you probably cant buy it .

This is my blind hemmer. It's the machine that puts that thread in trouser hems that little boys sit in school pulling and undoing their hems. This machine must have saved me hours over the years. It sews up hems pretty much invisibly in a fraction of the time I could do it by hand. It does have it's limitations and it has days when I have to talk to it very nicely to get it to do the job I am asking of it but, when it works, it works well. Of course you can see the boxes of material and the bits and pieces everywhere but what craft/ sewing room wouldn't have these. The boxes in this picture are full of the fur fabric I use for my puppets so if you fancy one just let me know :-)


Kathy said...

OH WOW!!!! what a fan collection of machinery you have there!
You make me feel really guilty about not using the one I have enough though!
Here's a link to where there's a photo of the advent calendar I mentioned (and keep forgetting to send...lol)

btw, there are two photos on my blog today - I can see them ok so maybe its just blogger playing games

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh it's fascinating! Love the stamp display, wonderful collection of working machines and dare I say - it's all so ordered! A really fun WOYWW for me, thanks for going to the extra trouble!

Wipso said...

Hi Julia...I will add the photos were taken before I started my days work so please don't think they are always so tidy :-) I do have a place for everything though and try to keep things were they belong so I can find them next time I need them [a bit OCD really ]

BumbleVee said...

what a great little storage rack for the stamps...not that I have enough to need one...nor do I ever seem to use the few I have.... man...I need more hours in every 24!

Friko said...

My God, Wipso, I didn't even know these machines exist! This sounds and looks like serious business to me. So, I doubt I'll be asking you to sew on a button for me again. That is a wonderful workroom and you sound so happy about your job. Well done and more power to your elbow!

Wipso said...

BumbleVee...the little storage shelves for my stamps were from Ikea. There is two together in the picture.
Friko...I even have customers who just want a button sewing on...in fact I had one yesterday...but even I don't use the machines to do that :-)

Rob-bear said...

Fascinating shop you have there, Wipso. I suspect, when it comes to clothing, if you can't make it, it can't be made. Good going!

And the birds just outside -- wonderful!

Calico Kate said...

Cor! That's some serious sewing kit you've got going there! I'm dead impressed, and with the size of your stamps collection too, love the way you have them displayed, will have to work on finding something like that for my room too.
PS must also email you about a repair job at some point.

SueH said...

That’s one interesting workroom there, I can almost hear those machines whizzing away.
My sewing machine must have about five inches of dust on it because me……I can’t sew a straight line for toffee!

I have to admit I’m a tiny bit Green eyed at all those lovely stamps and the storage. I think when I finish rearranging of my craft stash I may need to visit IKIA!


Wipso said...

Rob-bear, Calico Kate & SueH...I was determined when I started working from home to do a 'proper' job so bought all the equipment I needed and they are all used on a daily basis so it was money well spent. As I live in a village in the middle of the countryside I had my doubts how much trade I would get but as my customer numbers are now well over 850 and I have customers who post to me or even fly half way round the world to get to me I can trust to be kept busy now. I'm really buzzing with it all... love it love it love it :-) Kate....happy to help/advise with a repair job any time.

Rob-bear said...

You've obviously made a good decision to become a tailoress. Well done!!

But do you live on the "outskirts" of your village?

Wipso said...

Hi Rob-bear. No I live right in the middle of the village and seem to have lots of passing trade. My son-in-law prints banners and about 2 years ago he printed me two bright red 2 ft x 4 ft [approx] banners which we have put one each side our gate which has really worked for pulling in the trade. A x

Susie Sugar said...

I just knew there must be more machines , wow you lucky girl to so many toys !! lol
Hugs Susie xx