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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Weekend activities...[no rest for the wicked!]

Hubby had to work Sat and Sunday mornings so it was down to yours truly to do all the morning chores....empty the dish washer, feed the dogs, hoover through [the 2 youngest dogs have skin problem at the mo and are loosing their fur from itching so I feel like I am hoovering up half a dog each day]. My jobs done by the time hubby came home from work, it was to be a weekend of tidying up our back garden. Large bushes were cut back for autumn, bird feeders were moved and washed before refilling, hedges were cut, clippings were shredded and the vegetable plot was cleared of spent plants. The loppers, secateurs, hedge cutters, rakes, fork, spade and strimmer were all put to good use. The weather stayed kind to us and it only rained when our limbs ached so much that going on would have hurt too much. By bedtime each night what didn't hurt didn't work but we felt we had really achieved something.

You can now see the bottom of a very large garden from the house [the love seat you can see in the picture is only about half way down the garden!]. The birds have flocked to the now visible bird feeders [I'm certain they have told all their friends 'cos we are inundated with sparrows, tits of every kind, robins, blackbirds and thrushes now] or were they just there before hiding in the bushes?

Did someone say it was coffee time? Yes this is a love seat so what better place for them to sit?

By yesterday early afternoon it was outdoor jobs done so we showered and changed and nipped to local DIY to pick up a new shower riser rail [yes, yet more jobs on the to do list still!] then on to our eldest daughter's house where her and her partner are doing house improvements. The new utility had been painted and they had just finished the floor tiling and grouting so we were summoned for a viewing. It gives such pleasure to see them working together to build their home and making such a brilliant job of it too. A quick coffee with them then we drove the long way home to have a well earned tea cooked for us at the Lowfield at Marton.

Salad of three melons [galia, honeydew and cantaloupe] with tiger prawns and a chilli, ginger and mango dressing. Followed by pan fried bream fillets with crushed local new potatoes, green beans & a tarragon butter sauce.

Yum yum.


Twiglet said...

Hope your working week is quiet enough to give you time to recover from that hectic weekend!

Kaz said...

Hello, thanks for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog. Feel free to keep looking, I hope you find some inspiration amongst the rambling!!

You seem to have had a very busy weekend.

Julia Dunnit said...

Just read your comment on Sue's blog about our sily What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday game...love the idea that your desk has to be (and quite rightly so) a secret, but do join us with another description - fascinating!
Your garden is lovely. Size scares the life from me!

Rob-bear said...

If there's no rest for the wicked, how come you're so busy?

Sorry to hear puppies are having health problems. They're really cute, sitting there on the love seat. Hope you can get that settled promptly.

Wow, you were busy in your back yard! We've a much smaller yard, but have to cut the list of jobs like yours into bits, and spread it over many days, if we want to survive.

And then off to your daughter's. At least someone else made tea. Very full day. But it sounds like it was a good one.

Calico Kate said...

What a delish sounding dinner and your garden looks gorgeous if hard work!