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Monday, 21 September 2009

The bug...

Friday was another hectic day. [ so, whats new I hear you say ] Everything from sewing, baking 4 doz buns and icing/decorating them, 3 hrs of looking after my little granddaughter P, visit to Dr for him to check out my eye [now better thanks] and then out for a 20th birthday meal for my son's gilfriend's birthday in the evening. Never a dull minute here :-) The babysitting was so that our daughter A could go for her first scan for their expected baby. Thought you might like to share our excitement and see the photo of the scan. This is just 11 weeks old and 6cm from top of head to bottom of spine but just perfectly formed already with visable fingers and toes. The baby was very active during the scan but all appears well and healthy.

We rose early on Saturday morning to get the front garden ready for our twice yearly Church garden club sale. Big sister Twiglet came to help. Our dad was one of the founder members who set up the church garden club so when he died in 1989 my hubby and I decided we would carry on the tradition of their sales. The church members bring plants, produce and cakes to sell on the tables set up on our drive and front of the garage. Someone makes coffee and it's a lovely gathering of folk for a couple of hours. The weather was kind to us and the sun shone. I'm certain somewhere there is an old man looking down on us with pride at our efforts.
It was onward and upward then to grab a bit of lunch and then to do the supermarket shopping. Not my most exciting bit of the week but needs must.
Saturday night I felt pretty rough and had tummy ache all night.....the bug had set in. Sunday was a day running back and fro the the bathroom and I ended the day at 8pm with a warm bath and an early night. I felt dreadful. Hourly visits to the bathroom ended just after midnight when I was very very sick and thankfully this morning I have rose feeling much improved if but a little wobbly on my legs.


Twiglet said...

Glad you are feeling better. Will be down soon to be your gofer!!

Calico Kate said...

So sorry to hear you are under the weather but pleased you're on the mend.
The Chruch Garden Club sale sounds fantastic what a lovely thing to do. I am certain that someone up there is looking down and is extremely proud of his family.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh the baby..isn't it amazing, each and every time! Am glad you're feling better, hope you can afford a lazy day!

Kathy said...

awwww sorry to hear you're poorly - hope you're over the bug soon - nasty little beggars they can be, eh?
I've got a really sore throat today so we can sit in the Lurgy corner together!
Scan photo is amazing - usually those pics just look like a mass of blobs to me, but I can actually see the baby on this one. how fab, a new little one to spoil rotten!

mountainear said...

Amazing scan picture - how lucky young mums and dads are to have these pre-birth images.

Do hope you are feeling better.