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Thursday, 24 September 2009

'Waistcoat' update. It needs a name?....

For those interested my special gent came back yesterday afternoon just after lunch. My instructions were to text him on his mobile when I'd finished it :-) He was thrilled I'd worked so fast and was pretty blown away at the finished article. I had narrowed the front so it was only the width of the pockets [as instructed :-) ] so judging the finished length the back strap needed to be was difficult. On trying it on this strap was a little too short so that the front couldn't come round far enough so, me being me, I just cut it mid back with my scissors and between us we worked out exactly how long it was needed to be. His face dropped a little when I did this 'cos, as you can imagine, he was thinking he would no longer be able to take it home with him. I left him 'playing' with it, taking books off my shelves and trying them in the lower pockets and his mobile phone in the top pockets. They fit perfectly [of course :-) ]. While he was stood looking at himself in my full length mirror and admiring his new 'toy' I quickly found some more matching material and cut out a new, longer strap. Much to his amazement I then set up the sewing machine and ironing board and made his new strap. We fitted it and I stitched it in place. He was delighted and, just like a child with new shoes, he decided to leave it on to go home. I always walk him safely to his car and on this occasion I was to go with him to look at the leather he had bought to make the final one with. It's a beautiful tan hide and I'm sure will make a lovely job. He is giving this one a good trial run for a week or more before we attack the leather and his leaving words with a huge smile on his face were "I shall wear mine and get you sales for lots more". Watch this space. :-)
I need a name for it now so put your thinking caps on please.


Julia Dunnit said...

Much to his amazement and mine - you're so cool! Can't help feeling the name should be his name used as a noun 'The Harry for example, because no hybrid of regular clothes names is going to describe it well enough anyway..I don't think..have scribbled a few down and they're un-pronounceable!!

Wipso said...

Thanks Julia....I'm sat here giggling at the thought of me being cool. It's more hot flushes at my age. :-) Thanks for your suggestion but not sure 'the David' sounds quite right. A x

Friko said...

I really think 'wipso' should also be part of the name.
who's to know that it's a blogger's name.

You are a wizz!

Kathy said...

Great to catch up with this story.
If neither of the other suggestions works for you I guess you could call it a Pocketeer or something like that

When I am Rich said...

Very useful - um, thingy.
You should patent the idea, I'm sure it would be a great help for lots of people.

Calico Kate said...

The Pocketeer idea of Kathys is superb. Or a Pockoat? Or perhaps not.
Have you thought of something yet?