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Monday, 7 September 2009

What made this weekend count ?...

Saturday's make each day count activity was to make a Wedding card for the bride who's dress I altered this week and her Hubby-to-be. You may remember I had made voile sashes for her bridesmaids and, of course, the trimmings were saved to personalise the card. I have used an aperture card and filled the space with a piece of the wedding dress that was trimmed off to shorten it. This was backed with wadding and stitched in place with a heart shaped pattern using the sewing machine. I then 'cut' out flowers from the orange and maroon voiles used for the sashes using the soldering iron. These were stitched on using matching seeding beads and messages and names etc were printed on card, edged with a serrated cutter and stamping ink. Et voila...hope you like it.

Sunday was another day...We woke early and [as we do] it was decided, on the spur of the moment, to have a day out. We set the sat nav for Abakhan, Mostyn, N. Wales. We had been before and felt it was well worth the visit. For those who don't know it is a wonderful place for buying materials and crafts of every kind. Furnishing fabrics and dress fabrics can be bought as roll ends for very silly prices. I set the requirements to be to buy enough materials for 6 winter weight tops for myself. We looked, oooed and awed, felt, crushed [to check for creasability] and very quickly decided on the 6 it was to be......yes blue/lilac shades are my colours. I am very pleased with it all and only paid just over £45 for enough for the 6 tops....a bargain.

On then we drove to the coastal road. We called in for a coffee at Rhyl [not my fav place but coffee was good] and had a walk up the beach.....bliss. The ride home was up over the Horseshoe pass with it's wonderful views and of course the sheep :-)

No two weekends are the same here but this one certainly rates amongst one of the best.
[Yes, I am a woman of simple needs! :-) ]


Calico Kate said...

OH what a lovely day out and great fabrics. I always feel that I am a blue girl then discover when I look in to the wardrobe that I have a lot of browns & greens too. I don't do orange though at all ever! Although according to a Colourist therapy person wearing orange can help you to loose weight, wearing navy helps you to gain weight - so that'll be where I have gone wrong then!

Wipso said...

Hi Kate...Hehe me too. I'm not a green/brown person but blue is def my colour so now I have a new excuse for the weight...thanks :-) A x

Twiglet said...

The fabric pieces are lovely - can't wait to see the beautiful tops you make. I know someone who would be happy to make one for you if you are short of time - she has plenty of time on her hands!!!