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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

F is the word...

Wahoo the Football season has started. This means more quality crafting time with big sister Twiglet. Last night was a Felting night. Much Fun was had and lots of giggling went on....then we opened the bottle! A small glass of wine topped up with lemonade helped the evening along. We did some wet felting first so it was bubble wrap, rolling pins, soap, water and felt of every colour.

3 pieces of flat felt each later and arms aching we moved on to needle felting onto a piece of nuno felt. We felted threads and silks in all sorts of shapes and patterns with plans to work on them further with beads, buttons and stitches before mounting them onto cards.

Me being me had to have something to show for our efforts as soon as possible so first thing this morning I've set to to make a few cards using our now dry felt. I'm rather pleased with them but am afraid the photos don't really do them justice. Maybe they will just give you an insight into what life should be full of......quality days with lots of fun and laughter.


Twiglet said...

Love the cards - you put me to shame! My felt is still in my craft bag. I can see we will be having more crafty evenings together. Do you think anyone else would like to join us?

Wipso said...

Anyone is welcome as long as they enjoy a giggle ;-)

Rob-bear said...

Beautiful art work -- felting and cards. And you had fun doing it. Wonderful on three accounts.

I can certainly see you even missing football to do crafty things. But rugby -- now there's a great game, and you don't want to miss a moment of the action! (Bear may be a bit biased in this regard; Bear played rugby in university.)

Friko said...

A small glass of wine topped up with lemonade? I bet if you'd left out the lemonade you'd have finished your lovely pieces of work a lot faster. (Maybe not?)

As for football, grrrr!

mountainear said...

Does look like a lot of fun. I've now tried needle felting - after your quick tutorial. Now that's fun too - except for when you prick your finger. Ouch!

Calico Kate said...

Rolling pins?? I have done wet felting but never with rolling pins! I guess that there are lots of different ways to agitate the fibres.
I so wish I were a lot closer to you as I would absolutley be along to join in like a shot!
I lurve wine & lemonade. Did you know it was called a 'Splitz'? Add some orange juice too also delish and used to come in green bottles and was called 'Reef' I think.