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Friday, 21 August 2009

A therapeutic exercise....

Having just read a fellow bloggers blog of today and sat here in fits of giggles I felt the need of having a go at my list of...Things I have but don't need as opposed to Things I need but don't have so here goes...

Things I have but don't need...
All the fabric bits I've hoarded for those 'maybe' jobs knowing that I will need them the day after I throw them out...guess that should include boxes full of used cotton reels etc etc
Boxes full of fur fabric..metres of the stuff bought for puppet making [made to order if you want one making]
Chocolate Easter egg moulds [not used for about 10 years]
Probably a near full set of cross stitch magazines...Used to do lots but haven't done any for years.
Foot spa
Electric fire with coal effect...got a log burner now.
Exercise bike....don't use it but actually the need is there :-)
3 dogs...one makes enough noise for 3 when anyone comes to the door
A knitting machine and about 3 bin bags full of cones of wool [not used since my youngest was little and he's 21 now!]

Things I need but don't have...
[being someone who has few needs in life this one is harder to think of]
Joints that don't ache daily [osteoarthritis is a pain!]
A size 10 figure [well a 14 would be nice enough.]
More hours in every day.

hmmm makes you think doesn't it? I am def a woman who has far more than she needs and needs very little. I am blessed.
Now for anyone who is reading this consider yourself tagged to write a list of your own yes that means you Twiglet, Snailbeachshepherdess, Mountainear, Kathy's waffle, Rob-bear, Friko, Petals textiles, When I am rich, Calico Kate, to name but a few. Believe me is very therapeutic and just maybe someone that has and doesn't need will find someone that needs and doesn't have :-)


When I am Rich said...

Hmm. I will get my thinking cap on (something I do need!)

Twiglet said...

Oh Wipso! I shall need at least a week to think this one through!!

Calico Kate said...

Oh heck Wipso - Twiglet Tagged months ago (refers to spring and here we are in autumn!)for a MeMe and then I was tagged for a list of seven words and now this! I think my next blog will be a catching up with my tags one!
(You always NEED and just have to have piles of fabric! I don't think that one counts.)
Thanks Wipso!

Friko said...

Thanks a lot - I don't think. This'll require careful thought. Actually, not a bad idea at all, this mental clearing out lark, it might even inspire me to do some actual clearing out. But where to start.

I must say, if those fabrics and things you mentioned are all you have and don't need, you are a better man then I, Gunga Din.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear! A massive faux paws by the Bear in not replying sooner.

Well, since I'm in the mode of considering anyhow, I'll get on with it. Thanks you for the "encouragement"!

On second thought, the Baby Bears (disguised as puppies) may intervene. I'll get to his as soon as the puppies are in good order.