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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wonderful news...

Monday night we had our youngest daughter A home with our beautiful little P. She is now 9 months old and crawling. Being a Grandma is just the best experience ever. Sharing in every new development. Every week brings change and the memories come flooding back of when ours were at that stage. The new tooth, the new words...... Watching your daughter bringing up your Granddaughter and doing such a good job fills me with pride. Little P is happy and contented and doing all she should. Looking at A on Monday night something was different. She had a glow. Her dad even asked if she was pregnant and the answer came back a firm "No. Why?". We were all well aware they were 'trying' for number two and I knew she was being bombarded with questions so I said nothing but quietly thought to myself 'if she isn't I am' and believe me I AM NOT!

Yesterday morning she rang me to say......"guess what?".....you're right, no guessing needed. They are soooooooo excited....and so am I :-) There will be just 17 months between them but having only 15 months between my eldest two I well remember the joy. They are doing a wonderful job of bringing up P so I'm certain number 2 will just fit in to their very busy lives just as ours did.


Twiglet said...

My knitting needles are clicking away already!!!!

When I am Rich said...

And it sounds as though they'll have a willing babysitter to help out.

Friko said...

Congratulations, Wipso, you are obviously a very proud and keen Grandma, with all your heart. Have a drink on me!