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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Seven words...

Thanks for tagging me Snailbeachshepherdess. Will give it a go...

1. Loving...Having been a nurse, midwife [delivered 150 babies], child minder [to 35] and of course mother to 3 and now Nanny to our beautiful little P I guess this should come top of my list. I have more than enough love to spread round each and every one.

2. Generous....would rather give than get and have very simple needs in life.

3. Gregarious....Love, and actually I would say I need, company. I thrive when in company and have to keep very busy so as not to get lonely when alone.

4. Accepting / Fatalist....Life doesn't always throw at you just what you want and often things happen that you would rather didn't but usually even if a long while later you realise that they happened for a reason.

5. Optimist.....My cup is always half full but usually it's overflowing [and no I don't just mean my bra size!]. Suffering from osteoarthritis can be a real pain at times but I am able to do many more things than I can't do and I thank God every day it's me that suffers it and not my nearest and dearest.

6. Libran...Actually having a birthday on 23rd October I am between Libra and Scorpio but have the indecisiveness of Librans. I guess my family would say on the odd occasion they do see the sting in my tail but not often.

7. Determined....Come to think of it probably stubborn is a better word for it. I am independent to a fault and my 'I can do' attitude does occasionally step on toes but it has got me through many difficult times over the years. When I had my replacement knee my physio said my knee should bend to 90 degree by 3 weeks post op. By day 5 it was already reaching 110 degree and I was told by many that I was really determined to make it work for me [some would say I was just bloody minded].


Twiglet said...

Yes - that's you!!! Climb every mountain - ford every stream, anything you can do I can do better, a little loving - goes a longa longa longa long way, happy talkin talkin happy talk, somewhere over the rainbow, when you walk thro a storm, with love from me to you!!!!

Friko said...

Hard act to follow!
I am most impressed with your kindness, don't you ever feel selfish? Determination is something I have too, have had to have to survive.
I've been looking at several famous seven memes, and I am impressed how similar we all seem to be.

Wipso said...

Friko... Selfish? I feel guilty if I do something for me so selfish? no not really ever.

Calico Kate said...

Great 7 Wipso. Must get mine done..... add it to the list. I still haven't done the one Twiglet tagged me with MONTHS ago!