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Friday, 7 August 2009

My guard dogs...

Thought I'd introduce you to the old lady in our 'family'. This is Skye. She is an 11yr old Cairn terrier and such a character. She is sitting on the wall by the road waiting for 'the boss' to come home from work.

We have 3 Cairn terriers but this one came first. She was 5 before we decided she would like company and went to buy another. We paid a visit to the new litter of pups and having already decided that we wanted a little bitch we made our choice...Wispa. [Their mum's name was Cadbury so chocolate bar names seemed the obvious choice] Whilst there Rocky chose us. He sat on hubby's foot the whole time we were there. When we collected Wispa Rocky did the same again but our minds were made up...it was to be the little bitch. We took Wispa home and promised to ring the breeder 2 weeks later with an update. We had the 2 weeks settling in our newcomer and made the phone call. The rest of the litter had gone to their new homes all bar one....Yes you guessed it...Rocky. My other half insists I said he was to be put to sleep if no home was to be found but would I? :-) We jumped in the car and fetched our new little boy....he was half price after all!
Rocky enjoying some sun

They are all such different characters. Rocky is head of the pack [being the man], next in line is Skye [being the matriarch] and finally the under dog is Wispa. They even pee in order. Where Wispa goes Skye follows and finally Rocky has to leave his scent .
A typical submissive pose from Wispa

Wispa is quiet and submissive and a real darling who will play fetch all day but is the one who carries extra weight...life just isn't fair. Rocky is a real mummy's boy...he is kind, gentle and licky but lazy....he is happy to take the ball off Wispa when just 3 foot from you and pretend he has fetched it from the bottom of the garden. Skye watches the 'pups' [actually now much bigger than her and 6 yrs old] activities but prefers not to join in the ball fetching...that's for kids! She will still play like a puppy at times but has definitely slowed up and prefers to sit and watch.


Twiglet said...

What a trio of guard dogs you have there!!

Calico Kate said...

Oh what a lovely lot. I do like Cairn terriers. Does it get confusing having a Wipso and a Wispa?!

Friko said...

Delightful creatures. As I am a dog nut anything a dog does finds my approval. They look adorable.

Wipso said...

Kate...Wipso is only a written name. Never used verbally so no confusion there :-) and no I'm not into whips either :-) Its just an anagram of my surname.

When I am Rich said...

Ahhh! I'm dogless now and much as I miss my last one - or perhaps because of that - I don't really want to take on the responsibility of having another at the moment. But pictures like these do get me thinking...!

Wipso said...

Once an owner of Cairn terriers always an owner of them. They delight in pleasing their owner at every opportunity and they each have their own special little character :-)

Rob-bear said...

What delightful puppies, . . . I mean dogs. Just a touch smaller that our two, but size isn't everything.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. And, yes, any of your puppies would be ideal for the Health and Fitness Tip from the Bear. You only need two; two out of three ain't bad.