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Friday, 8 February 2019

This week's smiles....week 307

It's been a busy week here at Sewing by Annie's and that always makes me smile.  My 7 special bears are now finished and I will share a pic of them on Wednesday [if I remember]....they are being delivered on Sunday so I'm really hoping they are loved as much as I enjoyed making them.....I actually think they are my favourite bears I've made to date.

I seem to be surrounded by smiles this week so here's a few I can share with you....

Give children a cardboard box and they will amuse themselves for hours.....Shell said this one was the hub of activity and had evolved by the minute.....it had security codes for the door, TV screen, World map, Ice cream machine and dog kennel at this point.

I love to see how they use their imagination.....that's got to make you smile.

I have flowers everywhere making me smile.....these were just a couple of bunches of alstroemeria I picked up at the supermarket but aren't they stunning now the blooms have opened up?

Two of my orchid plants have sent out new flower shoots and this week they both opened up.....I love my orchids.  They almost look too good to be real don't they?

From where I sit in my sewing room I am able to watch the snowdrops shooting up and blooming...they are so pretty.

Plus all the daffodils on our front garden are now shooting up and the blooms on these ones will be soon be opening up.....Spring won't be long now folks.

That little lot has kept me smiling this week even though I have a cough and my asthma is playing up....I guess I'm just keeping in fashion with so many at the mo.  I think we all need the warm sunshine and lighter days now.  Please share your smiles by linking them up below.....anyone can join in....the more the merrier cos I'm sure we can never have too many smiles.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW, give children a box and their imagination comes out. Give cats a box and they become kittens again.

Your flowers made me smile, and those orchids are amazing. I've never tried to grow them, because they are so fussy. Looks like you have a real green thumb!

Had to laugh at your comment about spring as I sit here hugging the heater and hoping for temps to go above freezing by Saturday. I'm navigating ice to my mailbox because the sleet formed ice sheets Tuesday night and continued through yesterday. Even my little heater can't keep up. I would gladly take your weather about now, dear.

I'm sorry that you are not well. I hope your asthma isn't keeping you awake at night. I know your cough must not help, either. Have a super Friday and a great weekend and get well soon, please.

Lisca said...

I'm sorry you are not well. Winter has a lot to answer for.
The sight of the children in the huge box made me smile. I remember my own childhood and how we loved to play with a large box, one that one can sit in and play house. Children have so much imagination and I sometimes think that children don't play enough imaginary games nowadays, but your grandies certainly don't fall under that category.
Your flowers are gorgeous! Yes, I love orchiuds too. They are not too fussy once they have found their right spot and you then don't move them. I had one in the UK that flowered prolificly. I think it also helped that i had central heating with a thermostat that kicked in at the unearthly hour that I hadto get up.
I'm looking forward to seeing your latest bears on Wednesday. I suppose they are the ones made with your cousin's clothes?
I'm off to the gym now.
Have a lovely weekend and I hope you r cough and asthma will get better soon,

Lisca said...

Hi Annie, I honestly don't know what you mean when you say I linked to last week's post. Today is the 8th right? I think I did it right. You got me worried there for a moment.
Big hug,

Lisca said...

I see what you mean now. I do beg your pardon! This time I just typed in the name of my blog, assuming it would lead to the latest post. This was because i did it on my ipad and i don't know how to copy and paste on that thing. Normally I copy and paste the address in the top bar.
I wil correct it.

Twiglet said...

Brilliant box activity Annie. Get well soon. Those flowers are fab.xx

Catriona said...

Beautiful flowers and hope they help you feel better. What an imagination the twins have and they do great teamwork. Hope their Mummy isn’t looking for a post it note any time soon- oops!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Wonderful write up. I don't think I have anything worth sharing this week, but I've added your link to my blog, so I can try to participate in the future.

mamapez5 said...

You're right Annie. There is nothing like a big box to keep children happy. These two certainly have a good imagination.
It looks as though we will both have spring flowers by next week. I love to see those fat buds on the daffodils, and they are so sturdy; even the cold and frost doesn't kill them.
Your orchids are beautiful, and I love alstroemerias. I used to grow them but not too successfully. I think they were the ones where you had to put the bulbs in the fridge before you planted them. I don't think I have seen any out here.
It amazes me how many memory bears you make. I look forward to seeing your 'favourites'. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, thought I would never get here. Got back from the gym, showered and logged in then got distracted but I'm here now. Cardboard boxes are a brilliant source of inspiration for children. It's something I really miss about teaching. I always felt I had to be one of the most luckiest people to be able to teach Textiles and Art, subjects I love so much and watching children create is so amazing. I would set them a task believing I knew where it would go and you could always bet they would surprise me with something completely unexpected. Now I have to come up with all my own ideas.....not quite the same. The Orchids are looking lovely and the garden plants too. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sending gentle hugs, Angela xXx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Brilliant boxes fun there, Annie, had a peek on Friday was thinking of post... but was visited out and done nothing for two days except washing after they left, go to church, visit in hospital a friend and sit watch golf for two days, thinking about what I should do!
Happy belated WOYWW,
Hugs Shaz.x
PS loved the WOYWW bears, I think I commented on it, if not read it !!! Labour of love.

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