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Friday, 24 August 2018

This week's smiles.....week 286

I'm a little late posting my smiles today because I had a really busy day yesterday, when I normally write it and we babysat little Theo last night so here I am writing it this morning.....better late than never eh?

My smiles tthis week have been many.
  • I've caught up with a friend I've not seen for a while [busy lives!] and when she was here we did a lot of chatting, laughing and eating doughnuts!.....life always seems better when we've spent some time together.....must do it again soon and make a habit of it.
  • I've finished all the sewing/making for little Theo's birthday, started a new project and work has suddenly got busier.
  • The lady that won the last gift draw on my Facebook Page has now received her bear and she sent me such a lovely message....

    Thank you so much.  He's arrived and he is gorgeous. It is so uncanny that today at 2 o’clock we put my darling Bob in his resting place which has made my Bobby bear  so much more special so thank you so very much he has made a very upsetting time special. As I said when it is my time Bobby bear will be coming with me in the cofin as he is made of the last gift from Bob to me just a couple of weeks before he died.   I just can’t thank you enough. God bless you and thank you for making a lot of people happy and giving lovely memories to lots of people. You are one special person.
So here's a few snaps to make you smile for this week....

I had little Theo for the morning on Tuesday and he fills my morning with smiles....at this point we had built a house, done all the first jigsaws and we went on to enjoy come colouring, sticking and making paper dollies dance ......happy days.

My latest little Memory bear was made from a school jumper from the school I went to so that really made me smile.....and the little girl I made it for chuckled when I told her I had been to her school too.....in fact many generations of our family also went to that school and my Grandma and Aunty even taught there.

My final pic for this week is this one of Lexi reading her latest book.  Her mummy reminded me of a song we used to sing when she was little....and it's been going round my head ever since so I'm sharing it with you.....

Please click on the link....hope it works for you.

That's all from me for this week.  Please leave me a little hello comment and then link up to your own smiles below.
Annie x


Lisca said...

What a lovely post. Yes, the muppet link worked. I played it without ear phones and hubby heard it too. We never really watched the muppets so we didn't know the song.
Your bears are very special. As you know I worked 25 years at the hospice, but we never knew anyone do what you do. It is very special indeed.
I also read your WOYWW post as I never seem to get round to it on Wednesday. Did you actually pick up all the beads? What a job!
The peg people are gorgeous.
My hubby is calling me to breakfast,
Have a lovely weekend,

Twiglet said...

Lovely smiley post Annie. Lovely to see busy kids. xx

Julia Dunnit said...

So late for WOYWW that I've enjoyed a two for ne! Lovely lovely story and words from the winner bear lady, you must love making them. as you know from a ridiculously brief message yesterday, my Sister was talking about getting one, she said she's vaguely seen something on FB, so I hope it was a post of yours that I shared at some point! Anyway, don't hold your breath, she's a more skilled procrastinator than even I!!
Love the peg dollys for Theo, my word they'll get a real using. I thought the little triangle bean bags were mobile phone stands for a minute...to be honest, there's a market!!

mamapez5 said...

Your link to the song worked perfectly for me. I wouldn't have connected it with the Muppets, but I loved my A.A.Milne book and that was one of my favourites. I still remembered all the words.
You will have to stop saying 'little Theo' soon. He is getting such a big boy and seems to be doing very well for his age.
That is a lovely message from the recipient of your bear. How nice to know you are bring such comfort to so many folk.
Have a lovely week.
Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, you think you were late today well I'm later. Just had loads to do. Managed to get to the gym but just got caught up with stuff when I got back. The song is so sweet, love it. The red bear is gorgeous. I have a red bear in my collection called Alfonso. He is a Steiff copy of the bear owned by princes Xenia of Russia. Now maybe as this is a red bear he should have a Russian name too. Whatever he gets called, I'm sure he will be much loved. Happy weekend, Angela xXx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, what a lovely post and the letter from you customer is wonderful! Lovely story. The red bear is gorgeous and reminds me so much of my son's bear, Brian, who was red, yellow and blue. He adored it and it was still around last I heard. We have another coincidence this week - we've both posted photos of a granddaughter reading a book! Uncanny, don't you think. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie, xxx