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Friday, 27 October 2017

This week's smiles....week 243

Here we are at yet another week's round up of smiles....and trust me when I say I've had lots this week.

First I must thank those who linked up their smiles from last week....our numbers are few but it's always worth seeing what's making our friends smile.

And now my smiles for this week.....

As most of you know I celebrated my 60th birthday this week and this is the banner my daughter and her hubby made to hang up for my party...the photo isn't very clear but there are ten of my favourite black and white photos of me as a child on it so it's very special to me.

Here's a collage of some of the pics taken at my party......I'm one very proud Mum and Nanny.  Just check out that amazing cake my daughter in law made for me....isn't it gorgeous?

This is a photo of a very special friend who was able to join me at my party....we have known each other 56 years having started school together at Minsterley Primary.
She moved schools half way through primary school when her parents moved house but we both passed our 11+ at aged 10 years and started grammar school together in the same class at the Priory Girls School.
She left school at the end of year 5 and I stayed on to do A levels.
Without knowing we both applied to go nursing and were accepted into the same intake, shared a room in the nurses home and did our three years nursing together.
We had our families together and have remained best friends throughout.....and all that without mobile phones to keep in contact with each other!
She celebrates her 60th birthday 5 days after me so we are close in very many ways.....Happy birthday Dawn for Saturday. xxxxx

My other smiles for this week are...

Look at the sad state of Milly's little brown dog toy.....she managed to chew her way through the new cover I'd made and pull his stuffing out.....all over the living room floor!!

Ta da! yes I know I'm mad but she can still smell her fav toy through the new cover and I have one happy little friend so it's worth my efforts.

And here's the proof....I will do my best to keep her little toy going for her.  She loves to shake it like a rat and throw it around the room herself so life just wouldn't be the same without it...and she's worth it.

There you go.  Some of my smiles for this week.  It's the fancy dress party tonight for my son's 30th so you may well see a few more pics next week.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed seeing the three generations together, and of course the photos of you as a child. That photo of you in a party dress (on the left in the banner) is fabulous.

I have a cat that has torn nearly every mouse toy apart I've given him. The stuffing is all over the floor and he is certainly not willing to help me clean it up. And it is certainly NOT my beloved birthday boy, Bleubeard! Seems there are lots of birthdays in October.

I enjoyed reading about your friend with whom you have stayed in touch and been so close to. It was great to see that she was able to join your birthday bash. Once again, happy belated birthday!

Lanniesmum said...

How lovely to have all your children and grandchildren together for a special birthday. It looks as if it was a fab party and that's a lovely phot with your lifelong friend. Enjoy the 30th tonight. Catriona

Lisca Meijer said...

What a lovely post again this week! I love seeing the photo of you all together as a family for your very special birthday.
Well done your daughter for making that gorgeous cake! I couldn't help but noticing the picture on the Wall of a beautiful house. It looks like a stateley home of some sorts. Were you of the manor born?

How wonderful that Sawn was there to celebrate with you. There's nothing like having your best friend with you on important days in your life. Thank you for sharing about your friendship. As you can see on my blog, I have seen my bestie too. We have known each other since uni and that was 1970, so we have known each other 47 years.

Milly made me smile. And you do too, repairing her toy patiently every time, because you love her so much. Aah...

Have a good week and keep smiling,
Big hug,

Lisca Meijer said...

Sorry I misspelt Dawn.

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, I'm back again. I have to say that Maisie and Stan aren't fussed about coats but it does keep them clean when they're out and they don't seem to mind them once they're on. Pleased to see you had a lovely birthday and that's a great story about you and your friend.
Have a lovely weekend too, Angela xXx

Twiglet said...

Beautiful photos of a lovely afternoon! I am still smiling. xx Jo

mamapez5 said...

Ah we have both had lovely birthday celebrations haven't we.Your photos of Rhodes look idyllic. I think this end of season time is just perfect for visiting Greece.
You also have some lovely photos of the family party. When I was sixty, we were just about to move over here, and I had a professional photo to take each family group and all of them together, and it is so lovely to look back at them, though my, what a difference ten years makes! You'll be looking back at yours when you are 70 and thinking the same thing.
I smiled at Milly's much loved toy. She'll have cut all her teeth soon and then she won't chew it so much.
Have a happy week. Kate x