Friday, 11 August 2017

This week's smiles....week 233

Where do the days go to?  I seem to turn round once or twice and hey presto here we are back at my weekly catch up of smiles.  Many thanks, as always, to the loyal few who join in each week.  Between us I'm sure we make the world just a little happier folks so please keep up the good work.

I've had by darling hubby at home on holidays from work this week so we have enjoyed lots of smiles together so I've put a few photos together to share with you....

These are the before shots of our back's all starting to grow and develop how we want it but we have a few four legged friends who seem to want to 'help'.  There are lots of local cats who have decided it was lovely black soil to use as their toilet and we have our own little four legged friend who rather likes eating the results making her feel sick [and us at just the thought of it!!].  Plus she loves digging in between the plants and chasing the little birds so getting her paws rather dirty.  

So my darling hubby has ordered several dumpy bags of lovely white stone and this is what it looks like now.  It looks really lovely and the gravel will also keep the weeds down win win.

Of course when you have little visitors they like to lend a helping hand and that makes me smile the most.

The other pics I'm sharing with you are of the lovely day out we had on Tuesday.  We went to Westonbury Mill Water gardens near Leominster and what a gorgeous place that is....well worth a visit folks.  There are lots of follies and features for you to explore and a lovely little coffee shop where you can get a yummy lunch too.  We loved it and Milly did too.
You should be able to click on the pics if you'd like a closer just might see my darling hubby peeping from behind a tree at you  :-)

That's all from me for today.  Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and if you can then link to a few pics of your smiles from the week.
Annie x


Lisca said...

Oooh! Hubby did a fantastic job! I bet you are pleased. I have now seen your lovely chairs 'in setting' as well and it all looks wonderful.
I love the photos of Westonbury mill. A beautiful garden and some quirky buildings. I love that kookoo clock house. The cúpula is a neviera. Sorry I don't know the English Word. In the days before electricity and fridge freezers, people would shovle snow in the pit under the cúpula, and compact it. It would become ice. Because of the round shape of the cúpula, the ice would stay cold for months so that in summer they would cut their ice blocks to use in the kitchen to keep stuff cool. Clever stuff.
Keep smiling,

Twiglet said...

Garden looking good Annie. Looks like a great place to visit too. xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I'm back again and should be showering really but been a bit lazy today since getting back from the Gym. I've been watching Star Trek of all things. Any way back to the blog stuff. Garden looks great, I know what you mean about cats. We have a bit at the front which seems to be a cat's toilet but at least they seam to leave the back clear and Maisie and Stan can't get in the front. We have put bark all over the back garden which has made the weeding easier. I have to say the stone looks gorgeous. Off now for that shower. Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, your DH has done a wonderful job on your garden. The gravel shows the plants to their best. Milly should be a lot safer now. And how lovely to see your grandson learning the ropes too. The water gardens look a lovely place to visit and there's nothing like other folk's gardens to find inspiration. I'm a late again but I'm sure you'll understand why when you read my post. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx