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Friday, 24 January 2014

This week's smiles....week 53

Another week has passed and as always I have lots in my life that makes me smile.  When time is plodding along very slowly and seeming to get nowhere in areas of your life it is good to focus on the happy things....Yes, I mean I still have no more news to share on the house move!  I have never done this moving house thing before and truly didn't realise that the wheels turned so very slowly.....guess we will get there but it really would be nice to have a moving date to focus on.

This week I would like to thank the 5 of you who linked us last week....not our usual numbers but have a feeling many are suffering with the dark, gloomy days and struggling to find their happy moments.  I would like to feature my big sister Jo's blog this week cos she shared a gorgeous photo of some of natures little treasures and this encouraged me to take the twins on a treasure hunt.....and that's what I'm sharing this week.

We put our coats on and I told the twins we were going on a treasure hunt.   I told them we had to walk carefully so as not to tread on the special little things I was taking them to find and the magic of the moment was amazing when they saw the little green shoots forcing their way through the cold, hard ground.  There are always a lot of snowdrops in the churchyard opposite our house so I knew we wouldn't be disappointed but even I didn't realise just how magic the nature would captivate two little 2 year olds......isn't nature amazing?

The other quick snap I'm sharing with you today is of my amazing family.  :-)  It was Michelle's 30th birthday on 7th Jan and she and her friend decided to have a joint birthday party with a 70s and 80s theme.  As you can see my family don't do things by halves....yes that really is my two daughters, their husbands, my son and his fiancee :-)  A great time was had by all and I'm sure it was a party to remember.  

I hope my snaps have made you smile today and you will all take a little time out of your busy lives to focus on the happy moments and share them with us by linking below.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The first time I saw snowdrops was on your blog. I have never seen them before and they are beautiful. The twins indeed look like they had a magical time. Isn't it amazing how little nature costs, and how much enjoyment these little ones can find in it? I am in awe of the treasure hunt you took them on, and it cost you NOTHING!

I had to laugh at the Rubik's cube. That and "The Hulk" had me laughing at the photo. Really a great one for putting a smile on EVERYONE'S face.

Gill Edwards said...

Hi Annie, i love snowdrops they always signal the beginning of the end of winter for me. Love the party idea too.
have a great week and hope you get a date for moving soon
Gill xx

Twiglet said...

Priceless photos. What a fab treasure hunt! x Jo

Hettie said...

Those photos of the twinnies are adorable. Fabulous.
Love that photo of the party too. So funny!
Hugs and keep your chin up. Your move will happen.

Laura said...

How lovely. It may be worth looking at the Nature Detectives website, though the twins may be a little younger than the target audience.
As always thanks for hosting our smiles

Elizabeth said...

lovely post Annie, the photos of the little ones discovering snowdrops are delightful. We will be popping over to Culzean pretty soon to look for the snowdrops there - another annual tradition :) Tomorrow we are going to Dalgarven Mill to see an exhibition of quilts - more reasons to smile methinks - and I'll post photos soon after. The pic of your family is fantastic - don't they look wonderful in their fancy dress ... I bet it was a party to remember! Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

Unknown said...

Hello from Australia, Annie, I found your blog and love it...I want to share my happy moment from the 19th January when my dad, whom I cared for 2 years after mum died, he is now in home care, turned 101, the smile on his face is priceless after he saw his son after 12 mths...one we will all treasure...xxx
luv aNNie xxx

JoZart Designs said...

What treasures those photos are. It's so lovely to see the twins tiptoeing through the snowdrops. I too did this with our little fraulein who was visiting last week. There are clumps of snowdrops all over our garden in places I never planted any. I blame the squirrels.
They flew home on Sunday and, as usual, I'm missing them so much.
Jo x