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Friday, 31 January 2014

Re Sisters Crafty Creations blog

Sisters Crafty Creations blog

 Jo and I closed down our blog shop a while ago.
If you still have Sisters Crafty Creations in your blog reading list it may have shown up in your list today. It appears someone else has taken over the blog.
This blog is nothing whatsoever to do with us so feel free to remove it from your reading list or followers list.

Jo & Annie


Di said...

Hmm, I wondered what was going on - folk will have to go to their own dashboard to unfollow BTW. Click so you get the list of blogs you follow and the most recent posts on them. Then on the right hand side there's a cog symbol (not the one at the top of the page!) - click on that and you can manage blogs you follow.

I didn't make the connection until you posted this Annie - but did wonder why I had some foreign chappie climbing up blocks and writing about cats!!

I've zapped him now though :)


famfa said...

beautiful rainbow of squares, that will look amaze when sewn together
sorry about the sugar in the muffins - i guess i'll have to eat them instead
famfa 5