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Friday, 3 January 2014

This week's smiles....week 50 and Happy New Year to you all.....

Well folks it's been a busy couple of weeks here for us.  We have spent our spare time emptying cupboards and filling boxes.  The conservatory has been emptied so that we can fill it with the dismantled cupboards and boxes.  Our life is collapsing around us lol.  Of course something had to give and blogging has suffered so I would like to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I really hope 2014 brings you all you wish for yourselves.  I must say a huge thank you for your wonderful comments, love and support you have given me over the last year and here's hoping we all have lots to smile about in the future.

I missed last week's smiley post [sorry] but would like to thank all who posted the week before....aren't we all so very lucky to have so much in our lives to smile about?....I know I am  :-)  We have had many special family gatherings over the festive time and been surrounded by such wonderful people.....special memories were made.

I rarely share pics of myself but at 2 1/2 stone lighter I feel much happier in front of a camera so thought I'd share a pic that really has made me smile.

Michelle took the photo and has played with it before she sent me a copy as you can see.  When you've been married nearly 32 years isn't it special that your children can still see love between you?  We are working hard as a couple to pack up the family home of over 65 years and really looking forward to our new adventure of setting up our new home in our bungalow....and doesn't this picture say it all?  :-)

It would be really special if you would take your own photos of what has made you smile lately and link them up here some point in the next week to share your happiness with our friends.  Thank you all.
Annie xxxx


Gill Edwards said...

Ooh first for a change, it'll never last.
Such a great photo of you both Annie. So pleased for you with the weight loss and the move and new beginning. I hope it all goes swimmingly and thanks for giving us this platform to share our good times with others.

Happy 2014
Gill x

mamapez5 said...

That's a lovely photo of you both. Do you have a moving date yet? Our son is still waiting for one link in the chain to secure their mortgage!
I hope it all goes really smoothly for you and you'll soon feel 'at home' in the new place. A very happy new Year to you. Kate x

Laura said...

You look blissfully happy :)
I hope all goes well with the move

Hettie said...

Happy New Year to you both and may you both continue to be smiling after the move! Soo exciting. Please let me have your addie when you are there.
Missed ya last week!

Twiglet said...

Aw what a happy couple!! Happy days. x Jo

Nan G said...

I see a couple very much in love with each other...soul mates! A fab pic of you. Congrats on the weight loss. Hope all goes smoothly with the upcoming move. A great start to the new year. Warm hugs.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, brilliant photo - you both look wonderfully happy. And congratulations on your weight loss. I've managed to lose 18 lbs too and I know how good that feels so can understand that you now feel happier having your photo taken :)

Sounds like you are making good progress with the packing ... you're in the period where you are gradually saying goodbye to the house you've lived in for so long. By the time moving day comes you will feel so different about it.

Thanks for giving us this weekly opportunity to smile ... we do, indeed, have much to smile about :)

Hugs, Elizabeth xx

505whimsygirl said...


I remember when you shared a photo of the bungalow -- you'll have to share more photos as you are settling in.


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Had been thinking of you. It's a hard thing, sorting, moving, reminiscing, but so wonderful you 2 can do it together. Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year to you and all of your family.
Congrats on the weight loss too, I've started...small plates, DVD exercise, no breads, pototoes, sugar. (oh maybe a tiny bite !) so will see.
Hard winds, blowing snow and -10 daytime temps..could reach -30 just praying we have electricity.

Helen said...

What a great photo, and well done on the weight loss. Hope the remaining packing goes well and the move when it comes, is smooth and you settle quickly. That's quite some time to be in one place, it is bound to be a wrench but one you seem to be embracing! Happy New Year. xx

Anne said...

Hello Annie I was wondering how things were going with the house move. I'd not been on WOYWW for a few weeks - lots happening and a difficult time.
The photo is lovely and well done on your weight loss. I am making a big effort to be healthier in 2014 and desperately need to lose weight.
Hope all goes well with the move. DH and I did it 18 years ago!!!
Anne x

fairy thoughts said...

Aw! Annie you both look so happy. The thought of moving (after 35 years here) would fill me with total horror, especially my craft room. We have slimmed down over the last few years by re distributing the kids stuff to their homes but we still have a lot of 'stuff'

Spyder said...

Fabulous picture! my goodness, if I was to move from here....it would take months just to clear out my crafty room! We've moved from a flat over the riding shop were I worked....to a flat over the shop motor bike shop where Hubby worked....to a terrance and then to a bungalow...all in...39 years!
Happy Friday smiles!


Sue Pinner said...

Happy New Year Annie...congratulations on the weight loss and I bet you are excited about the move?
Hope 2014 all your dreams coe true
Hugs x

Karen said...

Awe Annie, you look amazing and so very happy my lovely! Moving after so long is a massive thing to do but I am pleased that you are looking forward to your bungalow. Christmas must have been interesting or did you go to to family? Happy New Year and I am sure that 2014 will bring you more joy xxx

Carmen Wing said...

OhAnnie what a gorgeous picture! I hope Craig and I still look that happy after 35 years!

Am so behind on my blog reading! Good luck with that move and huge congratulations on the weight loss!

x x

pearshapedcrafting said...

So glad to see you are finally on your way! Good Luck with the move! Chrisx

BumbleVee said...

just popping in to wish you a Happy New Year Annie.... hope you'll soon be moved and settled...and on with some stitching and crafting fun...

hugs Vee