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Friday, 17 January 2014

This week's smiles....week 52

Yes folks, it's a whole year since I started posting a weekly happy post and I would really like to thank you all for joining in each week.  I know many have found it helpful to spend a little time each week focusing on the things that has made us smile...it's good therapy  :-)  I also know that some have visited just to share the smiles of others during the difficult times in life that we all have from time to time so I know this little happy post really has helped in many ways.....please keep up the good work girls....yes I say girls cos up to now there has been no man to join in [does this mean they don't have so much to smile about or maybe they don't need cheering up like us emotional women lol....either way they are always welcome to join in].

Last week was no exception in that I had many joining in by sharing their smiles and I thank you all.  I am featuring Sam's funny this week.....as they say the old ones are the best and I fall for them every time  :-)  Thanks Sam...I don't know where you get them all from but keep up the good work.

I have had a week of feeling miserable with a head cold....yes if I was a man it would be flu I know lol.  Sore,dry throat and earache really isn't much fun :-(....but I have had lots going on here that has made me smile...but not in photo form this week so going to share a few of those here first...
  • Little Lexi is now out of nappies in the day....and looks such a little poppet to be wearing pants but she is so pleased with herself :-)
  • Both Sam and his cousin Steve are trying really hard and managing the occasional result in potties or toilets but being boys may take a little longer to get there....but like to share their results with Nanny Annie and it makes me laugh just how excited you get at times like this  :-)
  • My little boy[....yes I know he's now 26 but he will always be my little boy!] and his fiancee have had an offer accepted on their first home together...it's such an exciting time for them both and we are so very proud of them  :-)
  • Boxes are still being filled at this end and we are now well on track for the move  :-)
  • Car load 21 had been taken to the local tip...we are being really ruthless and throwing away an awful lot of stored stash....have a feeling we may well be looking for some of it in the future but once it's gone it's gone!  :-)
My photo I planned to share today was one of a very special couple in my life.  It would have been our Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary today and as you can imagine while I have been packing up the family home there has been many thoughts of them.  I just know they would have approved of all we are doing and can here them saying..."Go for it girl ...it's just bricks and motar!"
They were wonderful parents and we were truly blessed to have had them in our lives...even though they were both taken from us far too soon.   The legacy they left is shown here on a regular basis.  We were taught excellent parenting skills and the true values of what is important in life. These skills have been used by us all our lives and it is truly wonderful to see these life skills being used by our 'children' when bringing up our wonderful grandchildren.....Thanks Mum and Dad for all you did for us.
Alas I am unable to find the box that the photos have been tucked in so an unable to share one with you but you will have seen the evidence of all they left behind in the photos I've shared over the last year.  :-)

Thanks so much to you all for calling by this week.....please snap your happy moments and share them with us by linking them below.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Even with you feeling lousy with the FLU (I'll call it what it probably is), you have still given me a reason to smile this anniversary week. I'm really happy to be a part of this now year long celebration, even though I started late in the game.

Please, please feel better soon. I can tell even though you're not well, you are still working on your move, which I hope is soon.

Happy, happy Friday Smiles 1st anniversary!

Laura said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon.
Congrats to Lexi - what a big girl.
21 car loads?! Goodness me, I'm far too sentimental to get rid of that much stuff!

Twiglet said...

Ha - I should have read yours first before starting mine!!! x Jo

Hettie said...

Aww! Thanks for picking mine out, though I think the earlier one today was funnier! I will leave that for you to judge!
You are being good at throwing away, but must be the season for it as I have been doing some too!
I did wonder where you were going when you said my boy of 26!! LOL!
Hugs to you and a wee dram for the cold.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Great news on the nappie front! tee hee I don't have any children of my own but believe me, I've heard stories of potty training and some of them are just so funny and cute. Bless the little boys as front what I understand it takes them a bit longer.

You are right, the Friday giggles gives me something to look forward to. I may be joining you next week as I had something happen to me last weekend that I just have to share and immediately thought of you. I didn't get a chance to download my photos though.

Bless your mum and dad. My mum was 55 when she passed and just celebrated her anniversary on December 31. My dad is still around and doing quite well so I am blessed.


mamapez5 said...

I hoe you are soon feeling beter Annie. I am sure you could do without that right now.
Well done to Lexi. It's a big step, and hopefully Sam will have got the idea soon too.
It is good to see both you and Jo have happy memories of your parents, and the childhood they gave you. And I am sure you are passing all those good things they taught you, on to the next generations now. Kate x

Anne said...

Hello Annie. Congratulations on a year of 'Smiles' Only just started joining in but always had a peek. Sadly unable to join in this week hope to be back next week. X

akilli melek said...

wow that is a lot of stuff going to the trash.
hope you have a good week, and are feeling better