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Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday's smile...

Each Friday I do my best to find you a snap or two of what has made me smile each week and this week I have several photos to share....

The new suction dishes have arrived and work a treat.  As you can see the twins love them too.  :-)

My smiley boy, Steve, has learned to play peek a boo using a towel and is having real fun here.

Phoebe has brought home the school mascot for the week.....meet Rory the rabbit.

Rory is helping her make bread here.  :-)
...and it looks like they are both having lots of fun.

Lulu is making bread too but mummy thought there might have been more flour on the floor than in the bread dough.  :-)

And last but by no means least...It's a Granddad's job to make the new jigsaws first to make sure all the pieces are present [that was his excuse anyway  :-) ].

He certainly got pretty excited when he finished one and made me smile  :-)

Hope you have enjoyed my happy pics this week and all have a wonderful weekend.
Annie x


KC'sCourt! said...

Beautiful family
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Helen said...

sorry, but I think Grandad wins this week! have a lovely weekend.

Di said...

Fab piccies Annie - my vote is with Grandad as this week's pin-up though. Such dedication too - my Dad used to 'vet' the Dandy and Beano before I read them as a kid..........took me years to cotton on!!!!

Hugs, Di xx

mamapez5 said...

Precious family moments! You made me smile! Kate x

Twiglet said...

Now I know what to get him for Christmas - fab photos!! x Jo

Anonymous said...

More smiles for us all here. Hasn't Lexi got some curls, none of the others seem to have any. I have curls too and I know she will hate them as she grows up but love them when she gets to my age and she doesn't have to pay for perms etc!
Have a good weekend.
Tricia xx

Jan said...

Beautiful grandbabies! You have a lovely family!

Elizabeth said...

I'm smiling - love photos and I can't think what else a granddad's are for, if not to check the jigsaw pieces are all there :) xx

glitterandglue said...

Gorgeous pictures - they are a smiley bunch, aren't they? Wonderful

JoZart said...

Super pics and I have to go for Steve for the smile of the week! TFS!
Jo x

JoZart said...

ps There's an angel en route right now as she was stuffed in the postbag at 10.30am today!
Jo x

Linda D said...

Never a dull moment in your house!

Neet said...

I love seeing your Friday Smiles. Even though it is never Friday when I come along. Any time is great for seeing those lovely grandees of yours.
Thanks so much for sharing them - Steve certainly is a smiley little boy.

Hugs, Neet xx

Gretel said...

How sweet, Lulu looks so happy, what a lovely girl (and helpful too!)

Anonymous said...

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