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Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday's smile...

It's been another of THOSE weeks over here at Sewing by Annie's but thankfully even though there have been a few anxious times [more A and E and hospital visits for the family] they have all passed and we are now hoping for a few weeks free of illness or incidence.....we feel we have had our share of it all now thank you.

I just have a couple of snaps to share with you this week....


Here we have Lexi modelling one of the gorgeous outfits her Great Aunty Jo made for her....she would like to say thank you very much for making all her gorgeous clothes and to say this one has passed the test of a gallop round Nanny's sitting room on her horse  :-)

This one I'm calling 'Independence'.  Lexi found that yogurt makes wonderful shampoo and Sam found it easier to bypass the spoon all together  :-).....all I need now is an extra pair of hands on a Tuesday and some dishes that suction onto the high chair tables [got some in the post!].  It's such a fun time watching them learn and develop into independent little people.  They have been mastering first jigsaws and shape sorters this week.

I hope my snaps have made you smile today.  Have a great weekend.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Nothing wrong with that - I like to lick the last scrapings of yoghurt too Sam!! Fab pics! x Jo

Anonymous said...

As usual you have made me smile with your pictures . The remark about suction plates reminded me that when our youngest was at that age when plates spent more time on the floor than on his high chair, my hubby used a big G clamp to hold it down. Probably not the most of hygienic of solutions but it worked!! 30+ years ago suction plates didn't exsist. !! Must find that picture and show his other half.
Have a good weekend.
x Tricia

Helen said...

They did make me smile - but sorry you've had more family health issues; hope you are indeed all ok now. I remember those suction pads, hope they help.....!!

Elizabeth said...

This post definitely made me smile - glad to see the wee ones looking miles better too. I remember having to get one of those dishes that suctioned onto the table top too for my son when he was at that stage and what would we do without those catch-all plastic bibs!!! Thanks for sharing your pics of the munchkins. Elizabeth xx

Carol said...

Oh I always find a chuckle on here! Lovely photos.
Lexi is a lucky girl, such beautiful clothes from her Great Aunty.
Hope you are all feeling much better and having a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Aw! Well done Sam for discovering you can get your tongue down the yogurt pot for the best bits and Lexi, yogurt does wonders for your hair and smells lovely. Hope you didn't get it on your lovely outfit!
Pity I did not know Jo was going to be at NEC or we could have met up!
Maybe next year!!