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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Here we are at another Wednesday...they seem to be flying by don't they?....or is it just me?

This is the day that almost 200 creative folk expose their work/play spaces to the world and then blog hop to see what everyone else has been up to during the week.  If you would like to join in take a picture, put it on your blog and just hop over to Julia's and click to link to your blog.

So? What have I got to show you today?

A mess....my lacy bits all pulled out of their jar cos of course the piece I wanted was right at the bottom of the jar!...always the way eh?

I've started working on the front cover of my fabric book.....and I'm loving it so far.

Some snowflakes I've crocheted for the next batch of Christmas cards I am making.

What is actually on my desk this morning!

Yes, it's b****** curtains.  :-)  I have to make 2 pair of lined curtains and a lined door curtain....what fun!  They aren't huge so hopefully won't take too long.

And cos I've also been busy in the kitchen too I've left out my banana cakes so you can all help yourselves to a slice to have with your morning coffee.

Thanks for calling by today.  If you leave me a comment I will aim to call by at yours in between making those lovely curtains [she says through gritted teeth!].  Have a great week.
Annie x


Lynn Holland said...

Cup of tea and a slice of cake, there's nothing nicer for when you are roaming round a few desks.
I love the idea of crochet on cards.
Lynn //57

sandra de said...

Lovely cover and always wonderful treats on your desk. Your little gd wavy hair is gorgeous.
Sandra @75

Twiglet said...

Good luck with the curtains. The cake looks scrummy. x Jo

JoZart said...

Looks like you've already helped yourself to half a cak, never mind a slice!!! Now you do realise that when we finally get together you not only owe me a nice cuppa but also a slice of homemade cake too!
Love your snowflakes and your fabric book is a treat. I bet the bit of lace you are delving in for is for an angel! Curtains sound boring after all that loveliness ...have a great week, love Jo x

KC'sCourt! said...

Oooh Banana Cake, could I have a cup of tea........?
Love the fabric book cover
Julie xxxxxxxx

Redanne said...

Ooh I love the look of your fabric book, gorgeous autumnal colours. Curtains - I hate making them too but I do like cake, thank you for the slice, it was lovely! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

Julia Dunnit said...

Funny isn't it..there's always one product..and for you it's curtains...I'd rather do curtains than alterations for sure!! Your dumping of lace reminds me that my ribbon jar needs serious attention. Again. Thanks for the cake...am just off for a fruit and youghurt break, so will add banana to my list!

Cardarian said...

It looks like you are not very impressed with making curtains....your snowflakes are lovely and the banana cakes look really yummie - I will help myself to a piece thank you! :-)
Lots of hugs,

Angela Coles said...

the MIL makes gluten free banana cakes for us when we visit.

you've lots of lovely looking lace there I want to come and rummage. I'm never sure what to do with lace but love collecting it and touching it.

House of Bears said...

We love your autumn page, and the crochet is fabulous. As for the cake, well being a group of bears we had to sample several slices, hope that's okay, sorry everyone else who didn't get a slice.

KatzElbows said...

The cake isn't quite going with my lunchtime sushi, but I'll survive! All that lace looks amazing; crying out to be used in one big, massive project. Would you like me to come and do your curtains? I have some button holes that need doing; I'll swap you!

Happy WOYWW,
rachel #52

Helen said...

Love the lace!! Sorry you have curtains again, but at least you can treat yourself to some yummy cake after - I'll take mine after lunch thanks!! Helen, 3

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I did a double take when I read that you'd been pulling your lacy bits out!!!!! LOL I thought you'd been having some fun up there on the Marches!
Those snowflakes are awesome..I think I've forgotten everything that Jo showed me at the Crop..sigh..I need lessons, I think :)
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

Nicky said...

Fancy having your lacy bits out - lol Love the snowflakes you have made and the banana cake has been shared around work as well - thank you so much - have a great week - Nicky 61

mamapez5 said...

A cup of tea and a slice of cake sounds great, and I love your fabric book cover, but I am very glad it isn't me who has to tackle the curtains.
Kate x #87

Di said...

Ack, curtains are almost as bad as shortening Len's trousers :( Sure you'll do them in no time though.

Yummy cake, thank you :)

Hugs, Di xx

famfa said...

I made banana cakes too (after I got back from my long trip to the post office). Lovely snowflakes, very intricate looking. Is the lace for the Angel?
FAMFA (19)

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Ooh I love banana bread, just what I need to keep me going 'til dinner time. Good luck with the curtains. I don't envy you that job! Loving the leaves on your fabric journal. So beautiful :o)

Caro said...

Ooo, yes please I would love a slice of banana cake with my tea! Your fabric journal is looking stunning as I knew it would and I love your crocheting. Thanks for sharing. Caro #89

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh! I know the feeling well, we lived with one complete curtain and one still needing hemming for about two months before I finally gave in and finished it! Love all the lovelies here, especially that cake(banned for me!) can imagine the aroma! Chrisx

Neet said...

You must be feeling better now Annie (thank goodness) as you are back to your sewing and baking too (it tasted delicious but was not with my morning cuppa - supper because my computer has been playing up)
Take care
Thanks for visiting me - Hugs, Neet (rushing playing catch up at the moment) 15 xx

butterfly said...

Yes, well, that needs to be the next stage of internet interactivity doesn't it?! The banana cakes look delicious... Such a lot of great work going on over at your place - happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Samantha Elliott said...

What is wrong with curtains then exactly? I used to do mine on the old treadle machine and found it therapeutic!
Don't mind if I do have a slice of your banana cake and Hubby too if you have enough to spare!
Lovely crotchet snowflakes. That is one thing I cannot do, well not very well so I leave it to Mum!

okienurse said...

WOW a busy woman this week! Wish I could have some banana cake but...is it gluten free? I need to get some new curtains made for the living room and kitchen but like you it isn't one of my favorite things to do. I might save up and have them done! Pictures of the grandies on the previous post are so cute. The yogurt pic had me smiling! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

Anonymous said...

Your little fabric book is looking beautiful , Annie. I must have a go at making a journal or two next year. I'm loving what I'm seeing on the web these days. Sorry I'm late commenting. Tried to comment yesterday evening but the comments box wasn't showing up and discover all had found themselves under the Google page - if you know what I mean - so I had closed everything down by the time I discovered them. Silly Blogger!!!
Tricia #95

Ann B said...

Lots to see and admire this week Annie, from your beautiful book cover (love the colours) to delicious cake. I took a slice and now have a crumb covered keyboard (I wish).
Thanks for visiting yesterday, only got round to three desks yesterday but I'm trying to do a lot more today.
Ann B

Becky said...

So much fun stuff to look at today! The piece you want is ALWAYS at the bottom :)

Anne said...

Such lovely goodies on your post today Annie- I love lace, the book cover is gorgeous, beautiful crochet and mmmmmmmmm banana cake ( won't mention the curtains :-) ) Anne x #126

Elizabeth said...

My OCD fingers are itching to sort out your lace but it does look lovely all piled up like that. Lovely crochet snowflakes - shame about the b***** curtains :)) The cake looks so tempting ... bet I'm too late for a slice :)) Have a great weekend, hopefully with no curtain making thrown in, Elizabeth x #43

RosC said...

I'll be round for banana cake if there's any left by now.
You've been busy with the crochet - ideal for snow flakes. And I'm fascinated with the fabric book. It's really lovely. Interesting post.
Ros. #94

SueH said...

Blast, I bet all the cake has gone now….knew I should have visited earlier!

I’m loving all the little crocheted snowflakes Annie, they are going to look gorgeous on your Christmas cards

Happy Crafting!

ERICA said...

Wow! That is awesome... now I'm inspired to create a fabric book!

Sandy said...

Oh yummy just what I feel like some yummy banana cake thanks.. your fabric book is so lovely love that pink and green.. Your snowflakes are gorgeous so clever.. Thanks for the visit to my blog.. Sandy