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Friday, 29 June 2012

Wedding plans and Friday's smile....

It's been another really busy week for me [no change there then!].  Michelle and Brent's Wedding plans are going well.
  • I've done a final fitting on Michelle's Wedding dress after it's alterations and she looks stunning in it.  [of course :-)].
  •  I've done the alterations on 3 of her 4 bridesmaids dresses and just need final fittings on those.  The 4th will be coming up from Cornwall soon for her fitting.
  • Amy and Dave have printed the table plan onto their Corex board and that looks amazing. [Thanks both].
  • The sweets have arrived for the Favour boxes....just need to keep them hidden so my darling hubby doesn't eat them before the big day!
All in all we are getting there.  I just need to make my outfit ....yes I do know there is less than a month til the wedding!  And for those wondering when it is just watch the Olympics countdown....we think thats just for us cos the Wedding is 28th July!

Now for my Friday's smile ....or as I was gonna call it  'Start them young I say'

When my family was growing up and we wanted a trip to Ikea we used to have to say nothing til we were nearly there because the idea was met with moans and groans.  We have been known to turn into their gate before they realised where we were heading.  :-)  [ Anything for a quiet life eh? ].
How times have changed.  They now all love to go to Ikea to shop for their own homes and Amy is training the next generation to love it too.

This was a snap of their trip this week.  Admittedly Amy had wisely left baby Steve at home with his Daddy but as you can see the girls certainly seem to be enjoying their visit.  :-)

My other snap is of Phoebe helping mummy with paperwork in their office.  Yes she is only 3yrs old !  She knows her alphabet, her colours and can easily count to 20.  What a bright little button eh?

I hope my snaps have raised a smile for you this morning and you can all have a great weekend.
Annie x


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ah such cuties and another one below :-)
Love the little fishy and your new sign is fab. As busy as ever I see Annie ;-)
Anne xx

Twiglet said...

Best way to get round Ikea!! I like Phoebe's piling system. x Jo

JoZart said...

Great fun to see the little'uns on that trolley. I think it's the men who hate trolling round IKEA!!! Our's is only 20 mins away and when we need to go we head out early I treat DH to a 99p breakfast ( last of the big spenders!! He's a bit happier to go then. Good tip if you brekky there... take some toast in tinfoil as they don't have it and the rolls aren't too nice.)
I have a couple of certain nameless crafty friends (not me!) who meet there, get their free coffees from their Family cards and take some crafting to do for a couple of hours!!!!! No one has questioned them yet!
Lovely exciting news to read about those wedding plans.
Love Jo x back to my packing!

Macpurp said...

wedding plans sound like they are keeping you all busy. Beautiful pics

love Teen x

Sue from Oregon said...

oh you are so busy..and such fun pics of the babes too!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, oh gosh, you are busy and you've still got your outfit to make!! Great pics of the girls - IKEA looks a lot of fun for them. Your comment on my Sunday Roast brought back a vivid memory of my dad killing a chicken for dinner ... I was 2/3 years old at the time ... I won't go into the graphic details but suffice to say I was glad it wasn't our pet Bantam, Jocky, that was suffering at his hands. Our hens, ducks, and yes, even the evil goose, were pets and the only thing we ate were the eggs :) Hope your weekend is going well. Elizabeth x

Kezzy said...

Oh they are so cute, and she really is clever, mmmmm I wonder what she will become one day, she certainly seems to like business at an early age. I also really love all your pics of the flowers and I had to laugh at the dogs. Would you mind if I copy the flower image? I would love to look closely at those gorgeous roses, it might help me get the papercraft ones more in proportion lol. Kerry xxx

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