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Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday's smile....

I'm back to try to raise a smile after having had my moan last week.  My cough is still lingering in the background but I'm now feeling much better thanks to all your kind, caring get well comments.  As most of you will have seen on Jo's Wednesday's post my mojo was certainly lacking but a bit of dumfing magic worked a treat.  I do have a pic of my latest injury to show you today though...

Who would have thought one little pin could do so much damage?  Hubby's comment was "I'm just glad it was on the back of your arm cos after last Friday's blog post they just might think you were suicidal if it was across your wrist!"

I think my customers should pay me danger money personally don't you?

The rest of my pics are of my gorgeous grandchildren and how they are meeting life's new challenges.....

Steve is now driving and.....

....mastering the lap top [he'd helped himself to it off the settee!]

Lexi is reaching new heights! .....no stopping the girl now.

And wouldn't we all like to be this flexible?  Think she is going to be a ballet dancer  :-)

I hope my latest snaps have made you smile today and the sun will shine in your world so you can enjoy a lovely weekend.
Annie x


KC'sCourt! said...

Gorgeous little ones. Growing fast!
Oh I know the damage a pin can do. I was about twelve at grandmothers house who in her wisdom pinned counterpaine corners up so she didn't trip on the corners (senisble woman) but she used a glass headed pin sharp point sticking out court top of my leg!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Di said...

Wonderful photos Annie - yup, Lexi is going to be a ballet dancer or perhaps a gymnast even :)

Yikes, the scratch looks like that pin was lethal. Thought it was only me who did things like that.

Thanks for the Friday Smile :))

Hugs, Dixx

Carmen said...

Yowch! How on earth did you do that?

As for the little ones... not so little already. Blimey they are shooting up. Had to laugh at the lappy one, I remember Ruby being obsessed with daddy's one. I would often hear his shriek of alarm when he found her tap tapping away when he'd left his work open :D

Samantha Elliott said...

Hee Hee! Knew I would make myself smile if I came over here on this very wet Friday!
I feel your pain though. I managed to get a pin in my knee once and had to pull it out - thank goodness it had the bobble thing on the end! Big Ouch!
Last time I tried doing what Lexi did I did myself a serious injury!!

Carol said...

Hi Annie, oh the little ones are looking so happy, fabulous photos.
Ouch, that was a nasty scratch.
Hope you find some sunshine where you are this weekend, not too hopeful for here still a good excuse to get the hook working.
Carol xx

Twiglet said...

Fab pics. Now do you need first aid - er no that's wrong you're the nurse not me!!!Guess you rushed in with the magic spray - on no I have been watching too much footie!! Take care x Jo

Sandy Leigh said...

The babies are adorable! Yes, pins can be vicious! Happy crafting this weekend!

Anne said...

Oooooohhhhh that looks like a nasty scratch Annie. Love the photos of the little (or not so little ) ones thay are soooooo cute. Do hope that you are feeling much, much better. Anne x

Neet said...

Those snaps certainly did make me smile - just what was needed.
Hugs, Neet xx