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Monday, 25 June 2012

A beautiful day....

Yesterday was our little Grandson Steve's Christening and what a wonderful day it was.  There were two christenings in the service so the church was full of families all in their Sunday best.  The church sang with little voices...there were 8 in our group from age 3 down to the youngest being little Steve at 8 1/2 months plus there were many more in the other christening group.  Lots of new young life.....just wonderful.  We completed the celebrations with a wonderful table full of special family and friends at the Lion Quays hotel near Oswestry.  The company was wonderful and so was the food....Thanks must go to Amy and Dave for such a special day.

Here is our little man in his smart suit with his yummy mummy  :-)
[not such a little man now eh?]

Have a feeling the vicar needed to build up his muscles to hold him over the font.   

What a wonderful time was had by all.


DIAN said...

congratulations on the Christening of this little grandson He looks like a real sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Love to see a Christening. He is growing into a real little man. Glad you had a good day. Hugs Tricia

Twiglet said...

He looks just like his Daddy! Lovely happy familyy time for all. x Jo

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. I've had a lovely browse through both your blogs. Your work is gorgeous and so are your grandchildren. I actually came here from Oswestry so I know the Lion Quays well. Maybe our paths have crossed before. Which church was the christening at. I recognise the priest, but I'm not sure where from.
Do tell me where the Range is, then next time I come over (we've been for this year so it could be a while), I'll know where to go.
Di's blogs are such fun to read aren't they? They give me my daily dose of laughter! Kate x

Di said...

Aw Annie, I missed this post on Monday. What a joyous celebration - and I did grin at the thought of the vicar having his spinach in readiness :)

You and Kate been talkin' about me then huh?

Hugs, Di xx

Neet said...

How lovely and what a happy baby he is. I think he has a look of the twins too.
Please put me out of my misery - I keep having these deja vu moments - did I not see the new sign at the top of your blog (RH side) when I called Friday?
Hugs, Neet xx

Helen said...

What lovely posts! So many people don't have their babies Christened any more. Loved all the photos recently - especially of the twins in motion!Your dumfing is beautiful. Have a great day (what's left of it!) Helen, 26.