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Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday's smile....

Last week I was struggling to decide which picture to share with you cos I had so many.  This week I'm just struggling....

Been nowhere, seen no one [apart from my darling hubby who has been just the best nurse maid I could ask for...thanks darling], done nothing.  :-(  Been too poorly!  I'm missing my gorgeous family terribly but I've insisted they didn't come anywhere close because it has been such a nasty bug that I've had.  I've coughed so much that my head has felt fit to burst and when you've had 3 children you can imagine other problems too!  Think I now hold shares in panty liners!  Too much information?  I'm sorry but I'm feeling pretty fed up today and this is my space to have a moan in....I don't do it often  :-)

So?  What can I share with you to make YOU smile this week?

Oops there is nowhere safe now! They're on the move! Have a feeling M and B will be looking again at where they keep their DVDs this weekend!

This one came with the caption..

"Missing you Nanny.  We are big boys and girls now and enjoy egg sandwiches for lunch."

If you could zoom in you would be able to see that Lexi is sticking her thumb up to me  :-)

I've had daily texts and calls from all my family to check up on me and when my son text me yesterday he asked if I was taking cough medicine to help.  I replied to him with this picture and the caption....

"Yes thanks and this is what my face looks like when I've taken it!"

Trust me when I say I'm doing all the right things [rest, hot drinks etc]....short of going to see a Dr!....and I believe my body really is best to fight the bug if it can.  I can report that last night I do honestly feel I coughed a little less and slept just a little more so hopefully I'm now winning.....and the thought of that makes me smile too  :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  
Annie x


Pearly Queen said...

That picture of you with your tongue out certainly made me smile! :-)

I've had medicine like that before, and the best thing is to pour it down the sink and have a short glass of something you enjoy. (I recommend Sloe Gin).

Twiglet said...

Let's hope you are soon better and can teach Lexi how to put the dvd in so they can watch it as they roll around the carpet! Love your photo - will be on next year's calendar - one of those lift the flap pages!!!! x Jo

Angie said...

So sorry you are so unwell ....it sucks ...and i can see from the photo that your medicine does too.
I'm like you ...I try not to bother a dr with that sort of thing but if the chest gets any worse ...do. Heres to a speedy recovery ...hugs xx

Emma/The Log Cabin said...

Poor Annie, but you did make me smile. The babies are beautiful and I bet you have missed them loads. Get better soon xxx

Karen said...

Awe Annie!!! I can totally sympathise my lovely. I hope you are feeling 100% soon, HUGS xxx

Jan said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Mary Ann said...

I hope your feeling better soon too!

Carol said...

Well that photo of you with your tongue out certainly provided the Friday smile! Sorry you have been feeling so poorly though, DH had a very similar bug a few weeks ago, coughed so much his ribs became really painful. Fortunately he didn't share it with me.
Hope you soon feel better.
Carol xx

Di said...

Oh Annie, hate to say your photo after the medicine made me smile, I could almost taste it too!

Hope you feel better soon honey!

Love, Di xx

Ann B said...

Lots of bad bugs about so take care and keep warm. Hope that at is is now Saturday evening you are feeling a little better. Ditch the cough bottle and down a few whiskeys - always makes me feel better.