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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Happy Wednesday to one and all.  These weeks are really whizzing by aren't they?  I'm having a catch up day today cos I had a 'Nanny Annie' day yesterday.  M popped out for the day with the twins so the sewing was firmly put on the 'to do' rail....it can always wait cos my little Grandies will be all grown up before I know it. 

So  folks whats on my desks today?

Here is my table covered with the gorgeous fabric kits Jo from Jozart bought for our new arrivals so I'm busy working on these in between other jobs....I know the babes will have to be rather older before they will play with them but I really am enjoying all the snipping, sewing and stuffing.

My kitchen is smelling wonderful cos these have just come out of the oven....Parmesan and sun dried tomato rolls today....please help yourselves to one for lunch.

My sewing desk is showing off two new Really Useful Boxes that now hold my cones of thread used for overlocking.....these should keep some of the dust out [that is if I ever put the tops on! ]

Here you can see two lovely pieces of fabric that I intend making a couple of little dresses for little Lexi.  Twiglet took a pattern off a little dress that fits Lexi well and has already made her 3 little dresses so running up a couple more will be easy.

My ironing board is covered with Christmas fabrics.  I have so many!  I plan to make my Christmas cards and stockings using these  :-)
Watch this space as they say  :-)

This is a pot full of Cuttlebugged flowers cut from some of the Christmas fabrics and a sheet of cross stitched little robins.....wonder what these will become?.....even I don't know yet  :-)

And finally for those that like to see how the twinnies are growing here is the latest photo.... awwwwww.  I snapped this quick for you yesterday while they were here with me for the day with their Mummy.
Their Mummy and Daddy are doing such a great job that they now weigh in at...

Sam 9lb 13oz
Lexi 7lb 14oz

So folks that's what's on my 'desks' today.  Clutter clutter everywhere and lots to do on my 'to do' rail too  :-)  Please leave me a little 'hello' comment before you move on to the 'Queen of snoop's' blog and join in the WOYWW fun [and of course to find out more if you are the one person in the world that hasn't heard what WOYWW is yet].


Suz said...

Morning Annie...they are so cute and growing well, Mum looks like she is fighting fit again too, after such a worrying time
Huge hugs to all xx

Suz said...

ps...do you use a brad maker for the rolls?

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

WOW...great post, but you have sooooooo much going on. And those babies are getting big..precious you are so lucky to be close in distance to enjoy that.
I could use one of your rolls..it would be tasty with the chicken salad I'd made earlier.
Have fun with all your projects and have a Happy WOYWW.

jill said...

So much going on at your place, How cute are those baby's & the robins, happy woyww

Cardarian said...

I haven't been around for a while but I see you are still a busy bee - baking in the morning???? Ohhhh wonderful! Your little angels are gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing!!
Lots of hugs,

Suz said...

Thanks Annie..l'll have a chat next time l visit about the brand of maker
Thanks hugs x


Ooooh I have soup for lunch today and one of those rolls would go down a treat! The Noah's ark looks like it is going to be great and I am constantly amazed how young to how old kids can play with things. T 2 older cousins love all his younger toys (there is a 2 and 4 year age gap) they just use them in different ways!). Great to see the grandies looking so well and their mummy to. They can change so fast (still do mind you!) wish my mum had your view point on kiddies. I am lucky if she sees T once every 2 months and they are only half an hour away - oh well!

Helen said...

My, how they're growing... what a fab post today and those rolls look gorgeous... thank you!!
Happy WOYWW, Helen 12

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely post all finished off with that super photo of M and the twins. Wow, they all look great :D
Like the look of all your fabric, be good to see what all that ends up as! I'm in a really busy patch at the moment, got stuff selling on a mate's table at a week long Christmas fair and then have got one of my own at the weekend. And then the silly season starts with the band. Ah well, keeps me out of mischief!
Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

Twiglet said...

Fab post - those little ones are so gorgeous!

Kate said...

Is 9.45am too early for lunch, those rolls look yum, as do those babes IYKWIM!

** Kate **

Neet said...

Hard to believe the twins have grown so much - a very big AAAW moment.
Love all your photos today - my you have been busy with that camera and it looks as if you are going to be busy in the days to come. Thanks for sharing with us - Hugs, Neet #9

Angie said...

Where to start...you are so busy and productive. I LOVE the ark and animals below ...how perfect is that.
Love your organization ..I expect you have to be as you do SOOOO much.

The rolls sound amazing ... fantastic with home made soup I bet ...or the dough would be out of this world as a pizza base.

I haven't tried fabric on my Big Shot ....do you back it with anything first to stop fraying ??

I cant believe how much the twins have grown ...I was trying to remember actually how old they are now 'cos B and J were several months before they were as heavy as Lexi. Give them a kiss for me xx x

Neil said...

Hi there; thank you for sharing your place of creativity with us this week, it was great to pop in and visit. Lots to see as usual, and those rolls smell great!
Neil #58

Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) said...

They look yummy - thank you I think I will have mine with ham and pickle.

Kay #21

Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely photos there - that noahs ark is great isnt it. I used to love sewing things like that for my boys - although I did do a tell the time one years ago for my nephew and could never find it again to make one for my two :(. Actually you might be able to advise me - I have been doing more sewing lately and have a Bernina Virtuosa machine - do you think its worth me investing in a sew table to make the workspace bigger? Not sure whether to put one on my Christmas list or not and they are about £100 so need to decide carefully! thanks and have a great week. Sunshine Girl – No 34

Sarah said...

I always get such a homely and cosy feeling here - all that sewing, bread and babies! Look forward to seeing the weeny dresses - wishing lots of creative puff this week, Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

JoZart said...

What a lovely full life you have with all that crafting and your lovely family too to keep you busy. I'm missing mine already but will have to get myself back in gear. It was a fab few days, perfect but for the fact they went home!
Love joZarty x

Sue Althouse said...

Wow, so much crafty goodness going on all over your place! How do you get anything done while caring for twins, I am amazed! Thanks for the peek. Sue #83

Deb said...

Noah's ark is so adorable! As are the twins, ahhhhh!
your bread rolls look so delicious, I never did manage to make perfect ones!
Happy WOYWW! have a great day Debxx #100

jude said...

I really don't know how you fit everything in hunni.Always on the go making.Puts me to shame..lol
The grandi kiddies oh so cute with mum what lovely piccy and boy havent they grown.As you say they dont stay small for long!
Have fun filled creative week .Happy Woyww
hugs judex 6

Ann B said...

Lovely photo of the twins - how cute are they?
Wish people would stop putting on photos of food when I'm starving, my mouth is watering right now.

Ann B

mashy20 said...

Awww what gorgeous twins! and what a looker their mum is!!! ;-) Those rolls were delicious if they are the ones we are for lunch yesterday. Yummy! Can't wait to see the completed ark and animals. You are so busy and clever xxxx

The Log Cabin said...

Hi Annie,

Thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog. I do love getting comments!
Just realised you have another blog so heading over there now to have a nose.
Those babies are beautiful! You must be very proud.

Take care,
Emma xxx

JoZart said...

I really don't know how that comment materialised and I'm glad you alerted me. I was out until 5.20pm sand the comment was 5pm???? Weird. Hope there's no funny business going on!
Jo x

inkypinkycraft said...

Happy woyww and what fab rolls, and gosh those two little bundles are gorgeous!!! Trace x

Macpurp said...

what a busy desk you have!
beautiful pics of Mum & Babes. They all look so well!
love Teen xx

Anne said...

So much yumminess to look at. The twins are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

Chrissie said...

How fab to see the littlies!
What a pity I couldn't have one of those rolls... I'm on a diet... I've lost 1st 2lbs so far!

Marjo said...

OMG, they are so cute!! how quickly they grow...

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a great WOYWW,
xoxo Marjo #109

Debs Willis said...

Lovely! And I had 2 rolls, hope you don;t mind ;-0


debs #102

SueH said...

Oh Annie, it’s always such a joy to visit your blog because there’s always so much to see……..mind you I could have done without seeing those rolls…….since joining Slimming World I think I would kill for a slice of bread Lol!
Loving the cross stitched robins, did you stitch them yourself (and if you did how on earth did you find the time)
Such a beautiful photo of M and little ones too. Aren’t they getting big.

Happy Sewing!


famfa said...

Umm those bread rolls look yummy. Twinnies looking adorable. Great fabrics and beautifully organised threads.

Di said...

Wonderful post Annie! The rolls smelt great from here, and the twinnies look adorable. Mum and Dad seem to be coping so well. Got scared seeing all the material that Superwoman is about to tackle :) Belated Happy WOYWWS! Hugs, Di xx

Sam said...

Nice to see Noah's Ark is coming on lovely. And thanks for the roll - I am starving today for some reason!!
Nice to see my namesake is doing so well!! They are both gorgeous!
Thanks for your visit. No need for me to leave my number as you found me yesterday!!
Have you found Monkey yet? Do you think she is sulking because you diverted your attention to the new boxes? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Annie, bet there's none of those yummy rolls left now! That Noah's Ark project is going to be great, no rush to finish it though as you say. Beautiful twinnies photo, everyone looks so well, amazing to think of what they went through to get here.

Brenda 86

MaggieC said...

Thank you for bringing us up to date with the adorable littlies. they are doing so well - enjoy them while they are little, in fact all the time.You have so many lovely crafty things going on in your place this week. I love to see all that you are doing.

MaggieC said...

PS I have just taken the Chelsea buns out of the oven so our house smells divine too. Love the idea of those Parmesan and tomato buns though. hugs Maggie #82 (Remembered my number this time.)

Mrs A. said...

Hi Annie,
Haven't been able to blog or comment much lately due to seversal family health problems. Great to see the twinnies with their Mum. Love the ark and animals that you are making them. I have managed to make a Christmas Elf for my daugther from scratch. She only gave me very vague instructions. Hope my son dosen't see it and ask for 2 for his children!! Hugs Mrs A.

Sarah Anderson said...

such cuties! thanks for the bread roll, it was delicious :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor Annie, how well your lovely twinnie Mummy is looking...and that despite all the hard work, blimmin good for her. You seem a tad too busy to be thinking about Christmas fabrics and cards...but then..give a busy woman a job...

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, sorry I'm late but had to pop and see what you have been up to - lovely fabrics, for the dresses and Christmas and the photo of the two wee poppets is lovely. Great to see them doing so well. Elizabeth x #78

Bridget Larsen said...

Very busy life you lead with two small ones, those bread rolls smell wonderful lol
Bridget #29

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

For being # 1 this week, I'm awfully late visiting. I always love your desk, your updates, those cuttlebug images, and of course the rolls and the twins.