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Thursday, 10 November 2011

A special gift from a special friend....

Have I met her?....No.
Could I pass her in the street without knowing?....Maybe. [Her accent might give her away if I heard her speak :-) ]
How long have I known her?....Seems like years.

But one for sure is ....She is one very special lady.

I met her through blogging and have followed her blog and she mine for what seems like years.  She is arty and creative.  She is, like me, a very proud Grandma who knits and sews for her gorgeous Grandchildren.  I've even spoken to her on the phone.  She knitted a gorgeous cardie with ladybird buttons on that I admired when she put it on her blog a little while ago and, today, this is what came through my door....

A gorgeous card....I have no idea how she's made it but it is really tactile and clever.

And a packet with all these gorgeous buttons in.  I am always knitting for our little grandbabies but the shop near us sells buttons for silly prices so I am really grateful for these gorgeous buttons to use. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Know who it is yet?

Yes its that wonderful lady from Liverpool.  The wonderful Jo from Jozart.  I certainly owe you that coffee and cake now Jo and look forward to meeting you in real life.  Hope you are having a really special time with your gorgeous family over from Germany at the mo.  Do give that little Grandie a big hug from me.

Thanks again Jo. x


Twiglet said...

Oh thats lovely. I am so glad it was Jo's name that came out of the hat for my give away draw. What is the saying.... as you sow, so shall you reap! Two lucky Jos this week then and a lucky Annie to have a friend who cares. (Will post my flower prize when it arrives lol)x Jo

Di said...

Oh, how lovely Annie! What a super friend :)) Hugs, Di xx

Suz said...

Hi and Thanks Annie, it is good to get 'home' back again
All in time for a crafty Christmas too...perfect lol
Hope to cya soon
Hugs xx

Calico Kate said...

What a lovely surprise. And blogging friends are just ace!