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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Yahoo more great news to share...

Amy and Dave would like me to share with you all their great news. Stephen David was born at 4.52 this afternoon weighing in at 8lb 10oz.  Amy text me at 3.50 to say she was on her way to hospital having contractions every 3 mins.  Next text said....'My waters have just gone in the car and we are still 10 mins from the hospital!'.  Thankfully she managed to safely reach the hospital but was only on the ward 22mins before our gorgeous little grandson arrived!  Both are doing really well [and doesn't she look amazing?].....he looks enormous up against his little twinnie cousins  :-)


mckinkle said...

Many Congrats Annie on the safe arrival of your 'little' grandson!

Your daughter looks totally amazing!

Its almost impossible to believe that she'd not long given birth let alone to such a big boy!

Well I think you're just being greedy now! 3 new grandbabies in little over a few weeks!! And theres others amongst us, cough cough, that would be mighty happy with just one!!!

Wishing you all many many happy healthy times together!

Sending congrats and big hugs to you all,
Keryn x

Twiglet said...

Try again..... last comment never saved.
Hello Steven!! What a poppet. Huge hugs to all. What a fab week you have had.x Jo

Carmen said...

OMG! Stoppit! You are making me so broody (well, even more so!) Have to agree with Keryn, Amy looks amazing and what a little cutie Steven is :D

Congratulations to all x

JoZart said...

Welcome to Baby Steven and isn't he a dream coming into the world so smoothly after the traumas of the last few weeks. Congratulations to one and all!
Love Jo x

Linby said...

Congrats! aah he looks lovely and so much quicker than the other two LOL!

Mrs A. said...

Congratulations. That is such good news. Best wishes to all the family. Hugs Mrs A.

Angie said...

Congratulations ...and yes he does look big lol. Same spelling as my Stephen but as soon as he was grown up he insited on being Steve so I might as well have just added the 'n'. lol

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh how wonderful!! Sweet little guy. You must be so proud grandma, lots of fun things ahead with 3 little ones. Enjoy Best Wishes to all.

Suz said...

ooohhhh! Annie, Stephen David is sooooo cute
Congratulations on a perfectly speedy birth lol
So glad all are well and looking so happy, what a fabulous family you have Annie
Sending Huge Hugs to all xxx

VintageVicki said...

Congratulations :)

He does look a big one - my 2 were the same size with those big chubby cheeks.

Be interesting to see him with the twins.

KC'sCourt! said...

He looks so cute.
Hugs all round, and the cousins have a little playmate.
Julie xxxxxx

Kate said...

Congratulations! Amy does look compact in that previous picture for someone woth an 8lb 10oz baby tucked away in there!! You will have to have them all round and lined up on your sofa again asap.

** Kate **

angelfish (fiona) said...

Aww what a (not so) little sweetheart! Many congratulations on the new arrival xx

Di said...

Huge leaps of delight here last night :)) Amy looks amazing and little Steve is gorgeous! Di xx

mountainear said...

More congratulation! Wonderful news.

How do the little sisters feel about their BIG brother?

Sew Scrumptious said...

Fantasastic news.I guess I need to send you another little parcel then! Just made my first bandana bib so he can test it out for me!! Congratulations!! x

Sam said...

Congratulations to you all and Welcome little Stephen.
My love to you all

Bernie said...

Welcome to Baby Steven and isn't wonderful to have him here safe and healthy and the traumas of the last few weeks behind you. Congratulations and many blessings to one and all!

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

fantastic news, congratulations