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Monday, 24 October 2011

I'm sharing a first...

As some of will have noticed on Jo's blog, I had an annual event yesterday  :-)  I have to say it was up there with the best too.  Jo popped down at morning coffee time with a bag full off goodies and I feel the need to share a couple of them with you cos I was so blown away by them.

This was the birthday card she made for me.  It's all machine embroidered and of course is meant to be me with my, now, 5 little grandchildren.  I love it.  Isn't she just so clever?

 This is the other pic that I want to share with you. It's well worth clicking on it to enlarge it cor a closer look. She has done us one of her amazing collage pics of the front of our house.  She has chosen the fabrics to perfection and done a truly amazing job of it.  There is just no doubt of where it is a pic of and it will be framed up to take pride of place in our home.  Thank you so much Jo.  You really are so talented.
If anyone wants one of their home then do let her know.

The only thing I ever really ask for on my birthday is to get all my family together and we have often all gone out for a meal but as you can imagine it's not so easy with 3 new little family members so this year I decided to celebrate by having everyone here for a buffet tea.  It's my son Mark's birthday on 25th too so we always have a party at some point.  

So, my first is that it was the first time all my 5 little grandchildren were together since the latest arrived.  Jo had big ideas that I would be able to get a photo of me with all 5 but it's just not that easy....one being a little shy with all the people around, one not sitting still for more than a few minutes and any one of the other three needing feeding :-)  So I just snapped away and have put them all together as best as I could  :-)

Hope you have enjoyed my celebration post as much as I have  :-)


Linby said...

Hello. What a lovely, lovely post. I recognised your house immediately - what great pieces of work. Love all your family photos.

Di said...

Oh Annie - what a perfect birthday! Surrounded by all five little ones - and aren't the twins growing :) Jo is so clever too. Wonderful photos! Hugs, Di xx

JoZart said...

Oh, how wonderful to all be together! Such a lovely family. That would be my dearest wish to have them all together but at least I've got the German contingent coming in a couple of weeks.
Happy Birthday Annie and, in the old fashioned way, I'll wish you many happy returns of the day!
Lots of love JoZarty xxx

Sam said...

Big AW! Beautiful array of Grandchildren there and nice to see who I "converse" with!

Happy Birthday Annie

mckinkle said...

Oh WOW! Jo's art is just fabulous! What a talented pair you both are!

Love your super happy cheery post! Sure sounds like you had the most super of birthdays!

Beautiful photos too! Those babies are growing so quickly; I think the twins are trying to catch up with their cousin Steve!

Have a super week Annie!
Keryn x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, Belated good wishes for your birthday yesterday ... you look as though you had a happy time with all those lovely grandchildren. Love the card and present from Jo - something to treasure. Elizabeth x

Suz said...

PERFECT....glad you had a wonderful day Annie
Hugs x

Twiglet said...

What a fab set of pics - those gorgeous children are just perfect - what a lucky nanny Annie!!

Friko said...

happy birthday, grandma!

Helen said...

Looks like you shared a special birthday with your special little'uns! Happy Birthday.

Sew Scrumptious said...

What beautiful photos! Gorgeous cards too. Hope you had a lovely day. x

BumbleVee said...

A big happy day Annie.....


SueH said...

There’s no doubt about it, Jo is just so talented and what wonderfully personal keepsakes you now have.
Loving the beautiful family photos too. I hope ‘M’ is still making progress and almost back to her old self.

Happy Sewing!

BadPenny said...

What a proud grandmother you are with all your lovely grandchildren there.

Beautiful cards from Jo. Happy Birthday xx

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! grandmother with all the five grandchildren.

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Neet said...

What a brilliant collage - a areal keepsake. belated birthday greetings. hugs, Neet x