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Monday, 10 October 2011

Another 64 reached Louise and what Nannies do...

Louise is the lady who is our UK organiser for the dress a girl around the world appeal and she has just posted our last parcel of little dresses on her blog.  Please pop over to check them out if you are one of the very kind people who donated fabric to us to make the dresses with.  You will see that we have put it to good use  :-) Louise has also given me the heads up with my little bears.  She very kindly bought 7 of them for her family after seeing my bags full on my last post.

I would also like to show you what to do if one of your new grandchildren arrived rather smaller than expected.  Little Lexi was supposed to be over 5lb on the scan her mummy had 2 weeks before she was born but surprised us all by being only 4lb and nearly 2lb smaller than her big brother.  M has struggled in finding clothes to fit her so Nanny Annie has been knitting.

This is the first that you saw in the making on Wednesday's blog. These little cardies only take a couple of days to make and make lovely little body warmers.

And these are two more I've made since.  What makes them even more special is yesterday I popped into Tesco's [one of the very few places you can buy tiny baby clothes] and managed to grab some real bargains.  They had a rail full of half price baby clothes and I managed to get 3 tiny little outfits that will not only fit her but match the little knitties to perfection  :-)  Of course I couldn't miss out little Sam and just had to treat him too.  :-) .....isn't that what being a Grandma is all about?  :-)  

Of course we then just had to call in to see them on our way past and give them a cuddle too.  You will all be really thrilled to hear M is now looking and feeling much better and those gorgeous twinnies are just adorable.

Also don't forget that baby number 3 for my youngest daughter A is due this week too so more excitement is yet to come  :-)


mountainear said...

Gorgeous twinnies!

Delighted to hear M continues to improve and look forward to hearing about the next new arrival. Let's hope it all goes smoothly.

Best wishes, f

Suz said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! just gorgeous Annie
Hugs to all

Linby said...

sweet, cute, gorgeous!

Twiglet said...

Looking forward to seeing Lexi & Sam soon. Those little knitties are fab.

Tina Gilmore said...

OMG, those beautiful babies, brought a lump to my throat, lucky, lucky you. I wish you were my nannie, they're gonna be so spoiled. Glad M&B getting some normality in their lives. So exciting for you waiting for the next little one. Thinking of you all. xxx

Di said...

Terrific Annie - the little ones seem to have grown already. And this week or so, another precious one to cuddle - phew, I've said, you need a third arm girl :)) Hugs, Di xx

Carol said...

Oh aren't they gorgeous! Lovely outfits too.
Hope everything goes well for the next arrival.
Carol xx

Helen said...

So glad they are all getting on well after their dramas. Love those little outfits - but the babie - aahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Good luck to A too, with no 3.

Sew Scrumptious said...

Look at those gorgeous babies!! You should receive my little parcel for them either today or tomorrow hopefully. Have just packaged up some of your gorgeous dresses as the charity Mary's Meals are collecting 50 dresses tomorrow to take to Malawi!! More info on the blog very soon! x

famfa said...

Don't they look adorable all snuggled up in their lovely new clothes. The knits are lovely.