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Thursday, 13 October 2011

All ready to go home....

For those that missed my post of last night.  Here is little Steve all ready to go home from hospital today.....he looks like he has been here before doesn't he?   It sounds like Amy has had a really good first night with him and our latest addition to the family is feeding and doing all he should.....I changed his big sister's first dirty nappies when they were born and Amy asked if I would like to pop in to change Steve's  :-)  When I declined she asked me if I would like a photo?  :-)....you will be pleased to hear I declined that too hehehe


Twiglet said...

Gorgeous but judging by his outfit - the tiny mint-green hoodie won't be much good!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie. It'll be lovely for him to be home!

Mary Anne

lisa said...

Congratulations to you all, Annie. You must be so relieved this little chap arrived without any dramas.
Hugs Lisax

Anesha said...

He is adorable, glad he is going home. :)

Di said...

Just gorgeous Annie! You're right about the look that says he might have been here before too :) Hugs, Di xx

Karen said...

AWE CONGRATULATIONS and lots of HUGS!!!! He is just gorgeous Annie! xxx

JoZart said...

He looks a few weeks old and not a couple of days! The little jeans are amazingly cute... gone are the days when babies wore white for a good few weeks eh?
Glad all is well and thanks for the text too.
What a Christmas you'll all have and your gift list has grown quite a bit in a few weeks!
Love Jo x

Dawn said...

Just been catching up, not been here is ages. And what new beautiful grandchildren you have. the twins so wonderful to have one of each lol and this chunkey monkey looks huge in his mothers arms and so adorable congratulations and glad to hear every one is well

Love Dawn xx

Kate said...

Wow ...Congratulations to you all :0)
Such a cutie xxx

famfa said...

Wow, things happen quick in your house. I realised I missed your last three posts. Wonderful family pics. Congrats to all. Steve's a beaut x

MaggieC said...

What a lovely photo. I agree it beats any of our cards

karen said...

Congratulations on the newest wonderful addition to your family!
Good to hear that little Steve and mum are doing well!
xoxo Karen

Helen said...

I did miss your first post - many congratulations and what a hunk! So glad that Amy's delivery went well after all your worries with the twins. Much love to you all.

SueH said...

Aww, how on earth did I miss this news.
Congratulations to Mum and Dad and a big welcome to Stephen….what a cutie!

He most certainly does look like he’s been here before and it must me such a relief for you all to know that all the little ones are here safe and sound now and the two mums are doing ok too.

Love to all

Suz said...

aaah! He's gorgeous Annie
I'm sure you'll get to change a nappy or two sooner or later hehe
Hugs x

mckinkle said...

Awww Annie I am SO enjoying seeing all of your photos of your new grandbabies!

I have to say that Id feel far more confident giving cuddles to this gorgeous chappy here as he's the size I am used to! Id be too clumsy for a dainty wee baby!!

He looks fair haired too but what do I know!

Beautiful! Ahhh thanks for sharing, thats a real tonic photo!
Keryn xxx

BadPenny said...

Gorgeous boy & lovely to see the twinnies in the last post. What a busy family you are ! xx