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Friday, 21 February 2020

This week's smiles....week 359

What a week of rain and gales we've had here but thankfully we have been safe and warm in our bungalow so that is certainly something to smile about.  I have found a few pics to share with you that make me smile.....

Theo drew this for his Aunty Shell and it really made me smile....not bad for a 3 year old is it?  He loves all art and crafts :-) :-)

Little Jet has been up to all sorts of tricks lately and here's a couple of pics to make you laugh.

Shell says she doesn't realise she's the wrong colour to be the andrex dog.

Shell had to point out where Jet was in the second pic...I had focussed  in her cage not on the top!!

Amy, Dave had their three are away for a couple of days down in Cornwall during the school half term holidays.

It really made me smile to see them playing Scrabble together because it's a game we have all loved over the years.

Finally these are a few cartoons I found about floods and wet weather that made me chuckle.

Our back lawn has been like a sponge with all the rain but I do remember my Dad always saying the rain was good for the garden!

Thankfully it's too early to be mowing the lawns yet!

I really do feel for those affected by the floods but I'm sure it's better to laugh than cry about it.... maybe this is an idea for them?

I hope you have found something to smile about this week and will link up to your own smiles below.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Great funnies and lovely photos. xx Jo

Lisca said...

I forgot you were having such bad weather. I'm glad you're OK and not mowing the lawn under water(!)
Yes, your funnies are really funny but not if you are in that situation. I remember in Keynsham where we used to live they have built houses on the flood plane. Not very clever. And I'm sure they hadn't told the buyers that little fact.
I loved seeing photos of Jet. He is a little scallywag.
Theo's drawings are very good for a 3 yr old! I hope that piece of art work gets pride place in the kitchen (or wherever it is they hang the children's efforts). Is aunty Shel really that big? I suppose she is cuddling the dogs....
Have a lovely weekend,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, Maisie and Stan are out for their walk at the moment and you might guess I'm not with them. Bashed my knee and trying to rest it, not very clever as we're supposed to be going skiing in two weeks and I might be sitting in the Jacuzzi and crafting all week if it doesn't get better soon! However, your funnies made me smile as did the children and the puppy. I fear that some of the flooded families must feel that they have been forgotten. There are houses that we pass going to my parents and they were flooded enough for it to get through the front door and ruin the carpet and some furniture a couple of months ago, the council knew there was a problem with water coming off the field, under the road and coming up through a blocked drain so it could have been fixed but guess what the same thing happened again this week, it's just so unfair and I really feel for them. Up to now we've been okay as generally Lincolnshire seem to know what to do especially as we are only about 8 metres above sea level where we live, some parts of Lincoln are higher. Maybe soon the government will realise that jobs like this are more important than spending money on a new bridge in London that was never built, it's a disgrace yet Boris got away with it. Sorry I'll stop moaning now! Stay safe and have a lovely weekend, hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

From my years as manager of a pre-school, I have to say that Theo's drawing skills are very high for his age. he did s well.
jet looks like a bundle of fun. you can't beat a toilet roll for keeping them busy!
I should think it was pretty wild in Cornwall this week, but the children seem to be very good at occupying themselves.
I am glad you have managed to see the funny side of the storms. Some folk around you are not smiling I guess. But in your bungalow you are a lot better off then you were in Minsterly.
Stay safe and dry. Kate x

Catriona said...

Liked the funnies and the photos are fab as always. I liked Theo’s drawing and it was fun to use my long ago psychology about the varied sizes of the people/animals in the drawing. Once an infants teacher, always one! Collecting the van shortly after its repair and slightly anxious as it is quite wet and stormy. Fingers crossed it’s been done well.