Friday, 18 September 2015

This week's smiles....week 137

Hi  all.  Here we are at my catch up of the week full of smiles again.  If you'd like to join in then please just snap something of your week that's made you smile and link it up below any time between now and next Friday.  We have  a good number that join in every week now but if you can only join in now and then that's fine too....we can never have too many smiles and the world really is a better place when you smile.

Thanks to those that linked up last week.  I've chosen to feature Sam's post.  She always has a funny to share with us [ a little risque at times but they always make me smile and we are all adults here aren't we?].  Needless to say the sales of hats were reported to have gone up last week.  :-)  Thanks for making me smile Sam.

My smiles this week have been many as you can imagine with my new sewing room slowly coming together and having my wonderful family in my life.

I have set up my machine in my new room and yesterday I did my first [paid] sewing job in there.

I wanted a string of bunting to hang over the windows and door to the garden so I set to to make some after finishing my customer's sewing yesterday.

Once finished I hung it up across the wall cupboards....doesn't it look pretty?  It will look even better as window dressing.

It seems I'm not the only one to love my new sewing room.  Rocky loves being in there with me and enjoys standing looking out of the glass door to the garden.

Those that follow my blog will remember these two little munchkins being born and the joy they brought with them.
I love the way Lexi is holding her brother's arm in this pic taken while they were still in hospital soon after being born.

Well, those two little munchkins will be 4 on Sunday 20th and as you can see they still enjoy a cuddle.  They have a Disney Princess and Superhero birthday party planned on Saturday to celebrate so you will probably see a few more pics of them next week too.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles and will now add your own by linking up below.

Annie x


Lisca said...

Glad you featured Sam's joke. It was really funny and has become a private joke between me and me husband.
Your munchkins are looking great! I love the photo of Lexi holding her brother's hand.
Congratulations on inaugurating your new sewing room! The bunting looks great!
Have asmiley week,

Barb said...

Well done getting your first paid job done in the new sewing room. I'm sure it was a much more comfortable space to work in and the bunting looks very pretty. How lucky you are to have such a sweet little companion to share your sewing room with.

Your two little Munchkins look adorable. What a wonderful photo of Lexi holding her brothers arm. Barbxx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love your festive banner and know you are loving making things in that new space. Awesome. Hard to believe these two little munchkins will be 4 ! Enjoy the party time. My little grand girls love anything Princess. (thinking of making a Princess Witch for Halloween) ! Thanks for hosting, have a great weekend.

Laura said...

Love the bunting.
Happiest of birthdays to the munchkins - I've enjoyed watching them growing... here's to many more Friday Smile twinny pics!!

Anne said...

Hi Annie - love that bunting and so exciting that you have been able to do some sewing in your room - at last. I couldn't believe the twins are almost four. I can remember joining WOYWW and at some point you talking about your daughter being pregnant 0- where did that time go? Anne x

Sue Jones said...

Yayyyyy wonderful. I love the bunting too. Doesnt time fly by so fast!
Have a wonderful week. Soojay x

Twiglet said...

Aww - such a gorgeous photo - where have those years gone!! love the bunting - it will look good across your windows. x Jo

Hettie said...

Yeay!! All hail the new sewing room!!!!
So glad to see it up and running. Lovely bunting.
Happy Birthday to the Twinnies and thanks for featuring my joke.

mamapez5 said...

My word. Fancy those twins being four already. They are a lovely pair.
I am so happy for you, that you are now sewing in your room again. The bunting is fun. I look forward to seeing the party pics next week. Hugs. Kate x

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Annie....It's just wonderful that your sewing room is all up and ready for action...the bunting will look fab across the windows - you just won't know yourself - it looks lovely and light and fresh and new. Have a super day with the twins 4th - they're at a great age now to have fun. Cheers and hugs Robyn