Friday 22 May 2015

This week's smiles...week 120

Here we are at yet another Friday when I share my smiles with you and hopefully you will link up below and share your smiles with us too.

I'd like to thank those that joined in last week and am featuring my big sister's blog today.  We both really love our birds as you know but round here we really do have some strange ducks.  We have both seen ducks sitting on roofs but she was able to capture hers on camera.....quackers or what?....they certainly make us smile :-)

Once my eye recovered enough to not have me pacing the floor in pain [scroll down for a pic if you dare!] I was able to enjoy life again and have def had a week of smiles so here's what I'm sharing today with you.....

Firstly I'm sharing two gorgeous Azaleas that we have inherited in our new garden.....they are only little bushes but they are really covered in blooms and are being shown off by Rocky who insisted in photo bombing my picture....he's always at my side :-)

Next I'm sharing two of the loves in my hubby and my son.  It always makes me smile to see them working together on a project. :-)

And here's the finished result of their labours....a new post and chain boundary around the side on the front of our new just might stop people reversing over our new garden!!  :-)

Here's a collage of the wonderful day spent with the twins on Wednesday.  If you click to enlarge the pics you will see that the fun park was enjoyed by all :-)

We went to Erddig near Wrexham and had a wonderful morning so if you're close and want to amuse grandchildren it comes highly recommended.

And last but by no means least here's a pic of the latest visitor to my bird feeders.  If you click to get a closer look you may well be able to see that feeding on the peanuts is a little mouse!!  He was a cheeky little thing too cos he sat there happily for me snap a few pics from literally 3 foot from him through the window [hence the poor quality pic].  :-)

There is always something here to make me smile and I really hope it's made you smile too.  Please snap a pic or two of your smiles and link them up below.  I promise I will pay you a visit and choose the one that makes me smile most to feature on next week's posting.

Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie and happy Friday. Do hope your eye has fully recovered by now. That fun park sure looks like a great place to visit - the twins look like they had a fabulous time. Cheeky mouse at the bird food and your new fence is excellent. Have a wonderful weekend Hugs Robyn

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh that mouse must be pretty tenacious! And fearless, frankly. The garden looks would drive me mad to have careless drivers reversing onto it...I think a small post and rope boundary is a really nice and measured response...I was thinking about a tank and maybe some mortars...I prolly need a pill!

Twiglet said...

Fab photo callge - that looks like a place worth another visit! x Jo

Twiglet said...

PS - thanks for the mention - yes we are both bird "mad" in every sense of the word. x

Laura said...

Four monkeys... hehe! They both have such sweet faces x
I do dope your eye continues to improve
Have a smiley Friday!

Elizabeth said...

Another lovely happy post, Annie. Glad to hear the eye is on the mend too. I can't believe drivers reverse over your garden ... where's there manners!!! Love the montage of the twins in the park - they look as though they had a whale of a time there. We have a cheeky wee mouse too - it has stolen all the nasturtium seeds I'd planted in little pots. Sneaked in under the cover of the little plastic 'greenhouse'and pinched them, can you believe! Have a great smiley weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Elizabeth said...

That should have been 'where's THEIR manners' - grammar!!!

Hettie said...

Sorry I had to link up and run earlier. I am not s'posed to be on puter in work time!!
Gorgeous photos of the monkeys there.
For me today, Rocky has stolen the show! How kind of him to show off your azaleas!

mamapez5 said...

Your menfolk have done a nice job on the link fence. I hope it works to keep people off your plants. I love the little dog sitting watching the flowers grow!
My boys used to go to Erddig on school trips, and they always enjoyed it.
What a cheeky little mouse, pinching the bird food!
I´m glad your eye is much better. That looked nasty.
have a good week. Kate x

Christals Creations said...

We used to have a black squirrel come and steal the bird seed in our old house. :) Cheeky little things.