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Friday, 5 September 2014

This week's smiles...week 83

I'm back folks....and I'm full of smiles.  :-)

The move eventually happened and it went well thanks to the amazing job our removal firm did.  I've never seen men work like them.  Thanks guys. x

It took 10 full working days for us to be reconnected to the Internet and trust me when I say I REALLY missed you guys.  I hope you had lots to smile about in my absence and you will all link up your smiles below so we can all share your happy times.

I've had so much to smile about since we last got together and still feel as though I'm walking on cloud nine on a daily basis.  We have lots to do in our new home to make it ours but will enjoy the challenges ahead of us and I'm sure I will take you along for the ride with me.

So here's just a few snaps to show you a little of what's making me smile...

I've been painting my little Ikea drawers to match the curtains in my new sewing room....it's such fun setting up my new creative space.
:-) :-) :-)

The back garden is full of new floral treasures and these Japanese Anemones make me smile every time I look at them. :-)

If you click to enlarge this pic you will see that Rocky, our one cairn terrier, has really made himself at home and is sitting on one of our garden chairs in the sunshine. :-)

At the side of our bungalow was an 8 foot high, 8 foot wide dying conifer hedge that had been a constant irritation to our neighbours and took up so much of the space on the front of our garden that yesterday we had it taken out.  We have so much more light at the front of our little bungalow now and when the weeds die back we are clearing the area off, putting up a little wicket fence and making more parking space for cars to park.....I love the new outlook.  :-)

Well folks there are just a few of the things making me smile....how about you?  Please link yours below and leave me a little hello comment and I will pop over to yours to say hello.
Annie x


Judys Fabrications said...

It must be such a relief to be in at last Annie. I love a "wild" cottagey sort of garden. They are usually healthier gardens too, and you don't need pesticides which kill bees.
That conifer looks like it was a real eyesore.Bet your neighbours are happy as well.
Looking forward to seeing all you do to improve your new place.
Have a lovely week.
Judy x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie and welcome back, sooo pleased you're getting settled, it's a big job to move. Your drawers are looking extra pretty, having them all matching will be super. And your hedge removal has really opened up the yard and already you have lovely flowers. Oh Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend, cheers Robyn

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

This is Judy correct link..

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's so good to see your new space and how well you're adapting to it already. I saw your WOYWW post just now, too.

Sorry I'm not playing this week, and may not be able to through September. But I'll try to make it, whenever possible, and will definitely be back in October.

BTW, Bleubeard wanted me to remind you that your cairn terrier looks a LOT like Toto (grin).

mamapez5 said...

I'm so glad you are settling in Annie. I love those pastel coloured drawers! they will make your room so pretty. You have quite a garden there to 'tame', but I love the Japonese anemones. I had them in my UK garden. Well done on removing the hedge. Once they have got out of hand, it is the best way to deal with them. Enjoy the weeks ahead, getting your home how you want it. hugs. Kate x

Hettie said...

So happy you are back and are settling in nicely! I and no doubt all the others have missed you too!

Twiglet said...

Such smiley pictures! I love those anemones. Well done to your hedge clearing gang - what a difference! x Jo

BumbleVee said...

finally...... good for you ... and, congrats.... it was a long time coming...but...now you're there . ahhahha... and, of course, more work.

I love the little pastel boxes in your play space...

JoZart said...

It's so wonderful to see your post and read how things are going. Such a blessing after all that wait and all the let downs. I see your sewing rom has a super outlook... I spotted the backs of the Ikea mini cabinets behind Rocky. I've just had a lovely week with the Brighton branch of the family... only a week or two after a visit from the German side and a visit there for me. Wish I could spread it out a bit!
good luck and lots of love Jo x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

I am so happy for you! How wonderful to settle into a new home and set up your crafting room. How fun to paint the drawers to match your curtains. Just think how much fun you'll have unpacking!!


voodoo vixen said...

Ooooh so nice to see pics of your new home Annie!! I liked the hedge but can see from the photo that there was a lot of dead wood in it and the after shot makes its removal such a good decision, how much bigger and lighter it all looks and bet the new neighbours love you both to bits now! LOL Can't wait to see the finished pics of the work room, the colours look lovely!

Neet said...

Love the way you are painting your drawers for your sewing room, it will be so lovely and sunny.
So glad you have finally got in - must be a huge relief to both of you - and the entire family.
Best Wishes for a long and happy life in your new home.

Hugs, Neet xxx