Friday 19 September 2014

This week's smiles...week 85

Happy Friday to all who call by here each week.  This week I must say a special thank you to the three who linked up their smiles last week....yes only three so I am hoping you wont mind me featuring you all....I mean I really can't choose one amongst just three can I?

So a big thank you to 

Many more of you called in and left lovely comments so thank you to all of you too.

My smiles for this week are yet again pics of some of my munchkins...

A settee full of togetherness :-)
They all love being together and all wanted to sit on one settee....don't they just make you smile?

Lexi ran into the house Wednesday and came running out saying "Look Nanny I'm a rabbit"  :-) 

And what a cute little bunny she is eh? :-)

They have been learning the skill of cutting with scissors...not an easy one for a left hander but Sam is getting there.  :-)

Don't you just love the faces they pull when learning to cut with scissors?  :-)

Thanks for calling by.  It would be really lovely if a few more of you will link up your smiley posts some time this really doesn't have to be done today and I do promise to call by at yours to see whats making you smile.

Annie x


Helen said...

what fab photos! love the concentration on those faces.. have a great week.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Annie, thanks so much for popping over already and yes did remember to link up although was out shopping, after I did this up quickly this afternoon. ...
I really love your munchkins and Sam's proud smile while left-handedly using scissors really made me smile..
happy Smiles day, Shaz in Oz.x

Judys Lace Creations said...

I used to teach young children, so I know how hard scissor mastery can be.Love those expressions!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Golly Annie, I would have been by sooner, but the site I was trying to link to caused my computer to freeze up due to a script. It has taken me this long to get back online and linked. I'm hoping that will sound like a Friday Smile one of these days. You know, when I get a new computer (grin).

The kids all look like they are having a good time. Not so, the adult.

Loved Lexi's bunny ears, and the little ones were using their mouths as much as their hands to navigate those scissors. It's really odd, but I don't remember when, how, and why I learned to use scissors. Could be that's why I tear all my fabric!

Twiglet said...

Oh that look of concentration - priceless! x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, apologies for missing last week, busy celebrating the big 60 hubbys birthday and giving gorgeous Sophie can understand with that cute brood you have there on the settee. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend. Cheers Robyn

mamapez5 said...

A lovely post with photos of the little ones again. If Sam is left-handed I really recommend that you but him some left-handed scissors. They nursery teacher should have some to use there, and be able to get children's ones for you. They make a huge difference because with right-handed ones, the blades hide the line he is trying to cut. Just a suggestion, but worth thinking about. I love the photo of them all snuggling up together on the sofa. Hopefully you'll be taking the same shot in twenty years time! Keep smiling. Kate x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there Annie. What a cute photo of togetherness. The grands are adorable; they are growing up so quickly. Since it's s Talk Like a Pirate Day I couldn't help but notice Sams t shirt that has a pirate on it!
Thank you for visiting me today.
Hugs Kay

Neet said...

Lovely photo of them all on the settee - what a happy bunch!
Great pictures of huge concentration from the twins and a happy bunny to boost. Who could ask for more.
Hugs, Neet x
ps I think all blogs are lacking in numbers these days. My challenge has been up a week and nobody has entered as yet. :( Sign of the times?

I'm a Little Teapot said...

Your grandkiddies are cuties. I bet it takes all you have not to pick them up and hug them all the time. :)
Thanks for sharing! Have a good week. Hugs, Kathy Jo #41