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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Another week has passed and it's been another week of twinnie fun and juggling life/work to fit in and around our special times together.  Great Aunty Jo joined us for fun on Monday and she will be back down again today for more fun all being well.  This allows me to keep my sewing shop open so that customers can drop off and collect.....there will be more important things to be done today than actually sewing....like drawing, jigsaws, reading etc etc  :-)  My little munchkins will be all grown up and gone to school before we bat an eye and the sewing can wait  :-)

So for those that have called in to see what is on my desk today.....

I snapped a quick pic of the little cardigan I was knitting last week for those that asked to see it....Little Noah Timothy has now been allowed home with his mummy so tiny cardigans will be needed  :-)

And this is the next project I have on the go.  As you can see I have knitted two sleeves, two fronts and half way up the back but alas I wont have enough wool to knit the hood!  The ball band was tucked inside when I started knitting but alas I can't find it now.  These were two balls I had left over from another project and I thought it would be enough but no!  I ordered what I thought the wool was and guess what?  It was the wrong colour!  So I have ordered another one now....lets he hopeful eh?  I could end up with lots of new balls of wool all different colours....or should I say......I could end up with a lot more balls of wool all of different colours cos trust me when I say I have two boxes full of it already!!!  


Jo suggested making a quilt....or twenty  :-)

Thanks for popping by today.  It may be tomorrow before I can get to pay you a visit this week but if you leave me a little hello comment I promise I will do my best.

Annie x


voodoo vixen said...

Busy little bee, that you are, the little cardigan is lovely and poop to the running out on the lovely blue one... typical that you can't find the right colour! Annette #7

Twiglet said...

Such a lot of balls - of wool! See you later - I will bring my knitting. x Jo

by Gill said...

i love wool, all those colours and patterns make me want to knit forever. sadly i am so slow that i usually get fed up before ive done anything.
havea great week

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. I'm not sharing my empty desk today but I'm popping by any that I follow. It didn't take you long to finish the little cardigan. I do love to see new babies in 'made-with-love' hand-knits. Your collection of wool is tiny compared with mine and I got rid of mine when we moved out here just five years ago. Everyone gives me their left-overs for my Knit for Africa project, so I am working through it, and I give it out to anyone who wants to knit for me. You could use up your bits practising crocheted granny squares. Kate x

Julie Ann Lee said...

Hello Annie! I love that little cardigan. Baby clothes always surprise me with their tininess - is that a word? I can't believe my two were once that small! Noah is the most beautiful name - I'm sure he and mum will be delighted with this snug cardi. Continue to have joy with your grandchildren, as you rightly point out, this time will be over so soon - relish it! Julie Ann xx #38

peggy apl said...

I am always amazed at how much you get done, Annie! What a cute cardigan! happy WOYWW!

Julia Dunnit said...

I am such a knitting dunce that even put together as your photo, I can't really see the body parts for that cardi. Bummer about the wool, but am secretly delighted that you can't always tell how much you need...that's a skill TOO far!!
One of my slimming group chums has just had a little Noah Timothy..what a coincidence...he wasn't teeny though!!

Pearly Queen said...

You have a looooong way to go before you have a LOT of yarn... :-)


Cardarian said...

Oh you are such a good girl, when you are not sewing you are knitting or doing some good deed - a right angel! I haven't been around for a while but I am back now...
Lots of hugs,

lisa said...

That's a lot of wool, Annie but I bet you put it to good use. Love the blue little creation.
Hugs Lisax #65

JoZart said...

Winter brings out the knitting needles! It's a cosy occupuation, isn't it. Love the teeny weeny knit!
I'm off to see the new babe in a day or two and soo o looking forward to a cuddle.
Hed the Brighton Belles here and prior to that I've not been well but I'm recovered. Will be in touch soon. Jo x

Caro said...

Hope you had fun today with the twins...they do grow up so fast! The cardigan is gorgeous and I hope you find some matching wool to finish off the little hoodie. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x #80

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Love the little knits...I like knitting them but not the making up! Your many balls of yarn in the boxes made me smile...I've got a cupboard!!!!
Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

fairy thoughts said...

knitting a quilt would be a good idea but where would you get the time.
happy Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Great baby cardigan! It's going to be needed, with the weather getting more like autumn.
I love the blue wool of the bottom project!
Debbie #53

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, you are so right to say that the twins will be up and away to school before you know it so, yes, the sewing should wait. The dinky wee cardi is lovely, and timely, the temperature has dropped like a stone here. So glad to see that Noah is home now. Hope the next ball of wool is the right shade, or you will be having to make a blanket or two :) I hope you have a good week and happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #41

Ria Gall said...

Hi Annie
what great news that little one has been allowed home you must all be over the moon.
I think you are going to be kept very busy with your knitting so it doesn't matter how many wrong balls of wool you order
Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
Ria #50

sandra de said...

Gorgeous little knitted cardi and I do hope the right colour arrives eventually. Love the pic of your DD DIL and grandees what a blessing.'Sandra @63

Neet said...

Oh what a day that will be when the twinnies start school. Such an exciting time but as you say, get as much time in with them as you can at the moment. They are such adorable little 'ins.
Lovely knits, hope you get the correct wool for that blue one as it is a fabulous colour.
Take are - Hugs, Neet 35 xx

Kate said...

Great knitting. I'm sure you can come up with a beautiful project that used lots of oddses of wool.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

You are a knitting machine!! I've knitted a cowl but can't show it yet.

Thank you for visiting me already! I'm slowly getting around.

Peace, Kay (19)

famfa said...

gorgeous knits. what a shame you don't have enough for the hood, Im sure you will work it out somehow.
im very late this week.
famfa 2