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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

T for Tuesday...and quilt square update

It's half term holiday here this week so this means I don't have my little twinnie munchkins to keep me busy today.  Please don't imagine for one minute that I'm sat with my feet up though.  I had a really busy Funday Monday with Jo yesterday....not only did I make more quilt squares for the Children in Need fund raising but I think at the last count I had 7 customers throughout the day.......this of course means I now have a rail full of sewing to clear this week.....including 2 pair of ******* curtains!!!

Today I am joining T for Tuesday and linking up over at Elizabeth's....just cos I can :-)

My cup of coffee in one of my fav mugs was enjoyed with my breakfast of porridge.  As I can't have sugar I add a sprinkling of no added sugar fruit muesli before cooking and it tastes really yummy...try it sometime.  :-)
I have done my best to snap my pic to show you the gorgeous autumn colours out in the garden.  The sun is shining this morning and it looks wonderful out there.....even Rocky is enjoying the view today. :-)
 [or just maybe he has seen a squirrel :-) ]

I am also sharing with you all the wonderful quilt squares made by my blogging friends for me to pass on to my friend Jacquie today.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for the quilt blocks and the £2 donated with each square made.  These quilt blocks will be made into children's quilts and then raffled off to raise further funds for the Children in Need appeal....every one who kindly donated squares will have their name entered into the draw so will be in with a chance to win one of the quilts.

6 quilt squares from Tilly [Tillyscraftycorner]

5 squares from Jo[Jozart]

5 squares from Jan [Lunch Lady]

3 squares from Janet [Fairy Thoughts]

4 squares from Jo [Twiglet]

Plus of course a few of mine to go with them. :-)

I will do my best to get pics of the finished quilts to let you all know what the finished results looked like but would like to say a huge 
to each and every one of you for helping to raise the funds for Children in Need.  I am taking all the quilt squares down to Jacquie this morning so she can get quilt making.  :-).


dawn said...

Hello and Happy T day!! I do see the fall out your window and your furry friend enjoying it too. Love all the cats so far being shared today.
I just LOVE LOVE these quilts squares here, so colorful and pretty!! How nice that these ladies helped you with them. I'm sure it will be GORGEOUS when it's all done.
Thanks so much for sharing, enjoy your day!

mckinkle said...

Aww these squares look totally amazing and so colourful and bright, I love them! I just wish I could do it too but sadly there really arent enough hours in the day this side of xmas but hopefully I will earn one day!
Have a super week Annie and Im still smiling at Jo's image of her in her new outfit!!
Keryn x

see you there! said...

Happy T Tuesday. Enjoyed looking at the variety of quilt squares. Although I don't quilt I can imagine the work that went into these. What a great project and cause.


~*~Patty S said...

You and your friends quilting for a cause squares are really wonderful...sweet to think of the little children's faces tucked up under these quilts!
Smokey must be a lot of fun...
Happy T Day to you

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, I am glad you were able to join in T today. It must be fun to have a short break from the munchkins, even though I can tell how much you love them! I can only imagine what the Friday Smile topic will be this week, because they are so often featured each Friday. I won't be playing in WOYWW this week because I'm too sick (STILL) to sit for that long, but I hope to be here on Friday.

Second, Bleubeard adores Smokey. He always loves it when a fellow cat joins him in T.

Third, those quilting squares are so lovely , and all are so different and unique. I may be the ONLY person today who recognizes and "knows" all the the quilters. Still, it's always great to see some of their (and YOUR) handiwork. As I've explained before, I don't really sew, so I know what a lot of time and patience it takes to make these.

Happy T. You have NO idea how glad I was you were able to join us again this week. BTW, I've never heard of fruit muesli before. It sounds great, though if it's sugar free.

Krisha said...

How great it is to have you playing along with T Day this week.
The tree in your garden is so pretty, but your quilt squares are just beautiful and are going to keep some child very warm. Thanks for sharing.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I like the autumn garden view--it also looked cool reflected in the screen on the left! Lots of beautiful quilt squares for such a worthy cause! Happy T Day!

Twiglet said...

So many pretty little patches - I bet those quilts will be fab. x Jo

Halle said...

All those quilt squares are so colorful. It was nice of you to take time to link up today.

Nan G said...

Lovely morning view! Fab quilt squares from everyone including yours! Happy T day!

Dianne said...

What beautiful quilts these blocks will make, and keep some child warm...Lovely! happy Tuesday!

Marianne said...

love all the quilt blocks. the quilts are going to be wonderful !
Happy Tuesday.

Karen Busby said...

I love what you are doing for the children. Just brilliant.I have joined your blog as I don't sew myself, but find it so interesting to read about! Great blog. Have a good Wednesday.
Karen no.51 x