Friday, 31 May 2013

This week's smiles....week 20

It's been a week full of smiles for me with all the 4th Birthday celebrations for WOYWW and I've already had lots of wonderful ATCs coming through my door for the celebration swap but I will share those with you next Wednesday.

My featured blog this week is Laura's blog over at 'beads buttons and birds' .  It's her first time to join in so welcome to the fun Laura and although I can no longer enjoy eating chocolate pudding I do like it and love hers with a little heart drawn in it.....that is something I usually draw in the top of my capuchino  :-)

Today I am sharing another happy video of two special little munchkins.  Mum turned her back to start washing up at the end of a meal that had been much enjoyed by the twins and turned back to see Lexi playing 'mum' and sharing the last of her pudding with Sam......they do make us chuckle and I hope this brightens your day too.

I hope now you are smiling [cos I just know you will be] you will go and snap something that has made you smile this week and link it at the bottom of this post so others can share it too.....please feel free to link your happy posts any time during the week [and you are welcome to share more than one] and I will chose my favourite to feature next Friday when I do my happy post.

Annie x


Lynn Holland said...

My nephew Jacob had everyone laughing as I think he sees the dentist as some sort of superhero.
Enjoy your weekend Annie.
Lynn x

Gill Edwards said...

they are such a lovely bundle those twins, they make me laugh every week.
Have a great week Annie

Gill x

Angie said...

What a wonderful giggle she has...infectus ...I think this was a clever way to get rid of the last bit of her pudding !! xx

Laura said...

Aww!! That is so very cute! And what a giggle :)
Thank you for picking my chocolate pudding to feature - you made me smile.
Just off to do this weeks post...

Angie said...

oops sorry about linking twice ...thought it went funny lol !!!

Twiglet said...

What a good little mum she is!! x Jo

Caro said...

So cute...I just love the way she giggled as she did it!

Carol said...

Hehehe, gorgeous, what a giggler.
Have a lovely weekend Annie.
Carol xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh yes!! The little children are precious. You are so fortunate to be able to share day to day adventures with them. Enjoy a lovely weekend

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Annie ... how could you not smile?
I posted this morning and then forgot to link up Doh!
have a good week
janet.... finally

Neet said...

Fabulous - Priceless in fact. I love that laugh!
Hugs, Neet xx