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Friday, 3 May 2013

This week's smiles....week 16

We had several more joining in the fun this week so I must thank you all for your efforts in helping to make the world a happier place.  Lin in the Pink Chaves was one of my new bloggers but I was unable to leave her a comment so I would just like to say thank you for joining in the fun.  The other new name to join in the fun is my featured blog for this week....

Kerry from Kezzys Crafty Journey joined in for the first time this week with a gorgeous pic of the blossom in her garden and the most humongous ice cream.  Even though I can no longer enjoy an ice cream like that I am allowed to share the enjoyment of others having one  :-)  Thanks for joining in Kerry.

This week I am sharing a video with you. Turn your sound up and I just know you will be chuckling when you've watched it.

I guess you are now grinning from ear to ear and if you are like me will have listened to it several times.  I wish I could bottle that giggle....I'm certain it would sell well.  :-)

Thanks for dropping by this week.  Please do your best to snap a pic of something that has made you smile this week and link it up below.  Not only will you feel good for focusing in on your happy times but you will feel the benefits of sharing it with others.

Annie x


Di said...

Aw, BRILLIANT Annie - so cute and wouldn't it be good if we could bottle those happy giggles :)

Hugs, Di xx

Gill Edwards said...

those giggles are wonderful you cant help but smile and laugh at them. Pleased to be back and sharing in smiles again this week.

have a good one Annie

Gill X

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely brilliant - that chuckle is infectious and they are just the cutest toddlers :) Elizabeth xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh it's just gorgeous...so great tha tyou captured them..these are the things we think we'll remember so well, and they do fade!
I've joined in this week...because my exercise in pointless has to be shared!!

Twiglet said...

They are such a giggly pair!! x Jo

Caro said...

What wonderful giggles...so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and hosting! Caro xx

Neet said...

How could anyone see that Video and not have a smile from ear to ear! Priceless and so infectious. Love it!

Hugs, Neet xx

Angie said...

Sorry I didn't link this week but the giggles were a tonic.
OMG you are being so good ....makes me realize how bad I am.xx

Nan G said...

Oh the sound of pure joy!

Sue from Oregon said...

Those giggles are contagious!

Kezzy said...

Wow thank you, I have missed this week but I really loved joining in. Love the video how cute :-) hugs Kezzy xxx