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Monday, 13 May 2013

Another gorgeous parcel has arrived...

I feel so very blessed to have such special blogging friends.  Our good friend Jo from Jozart has been really busy making silk scarves for all who have made LillyBo quilts as a thank you for our efforts and for supporting the very worth while cause......there really was no need Jo as I just know we have all loved our quilt making but thank you for your generosity.

Here's mine...

Thank you for the heart headed pins too  :-)

It's in my favourite colour Jo so you really have put special thought and love into making it.

My quilt making has had to slow up a little with all that has been going on here but it hasn't stopped....after all I still have several little bags with fabrics all sorted into to make several more yet  :-)....it's just that life sometimes gets in the way.

Please follow this link.....LillyBo Quilts..... if you would like to have a go at quilt making for this very special cause or just to find out more about it.

Thanks again Jo xx

Annie x


Twiglet said...

Oh so pretty - will show you mine if you show me yours!!! lol x Jo

mckinkle said...

Lol Jo!

So beautiful Annie, what a wonderful gift; both the silk squares and the quilts!

Keryn x