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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Oh no it's happened again.......and a latest update

Yesterday Twiglet popped down to help me cut the fabric for a curtain for one of my customers and while she was here we had another little dress cutting and preparing session.  We only turned our back for a few moments and look what happened!!!!

Yes folks they started to take over my little sewing room again.  As you can see they covered every surface and hung around in every possible hanging space. It was like an invasion so we had no choice but to attack the problem.  We parcelled all 49 of them up [another 17 made by me and 32 made by Jo] and have posted them to Louise.  Doesn't it have a wow factor just seeing them all together like this?

Here are my latest two [numbers 66 and 67] that were popped in the parcel.  They were both made with some of the lovely material Sue sent us.  Thanks so much Sue for sending us such lovely material to play with. 

Thanks for dropping by.

Today's update

The postman has just arrived with yet another wonderful parcel.  This time it is from Julie from K C's Court blog .  Thank you so much Julie....I can't wait to get cutting out dresses using all this...such pretty colours.  We are still happy to received parcels of any pillow cases/ bedding or cotton /poly cotton fabrics and will keep making little dresses whilst ever we have material to use so please email me if you have any you would like to donate to the great cause.


KC'sCourt! said...

Julie xxxxxxxx

Quirky Boots said...

you two are just plain ole amazing arent ya! :) xx

Di said...

Aw, I was going to comment WOW and AMAZING! Those above stole my words :( Soooooooooooo,thinks,.........absolutely SPIFFING WORK girls :)) Hugs, Di xx

Twiglet said...

Spiffing work indeed! Lovely bits and bobs from KC's Court too. Will try and get a few done today once this lovely sunshine disappears. Most beautiful day up here at the mo.

Mrs A. said...

You two totally amaze me with the speed in which you are churning out these little numbers. Have just started to unpick the next dress which should make up another 2 for me. Even though it takes a while to do I am determined to use up my un worn dress collection.
Hugs Mrs A.

Anesha said...

Wow, so many lovely dresses.

Sew Scrumptious said...

Amazing. Thanks so much. They are beautiful! x