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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Another restless night.......

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz  Yes that's me.  Another restless night waiting for a phone call.  M was contracting every 4 min last night and when she rang the hospital the midwife told her to go to bed at home and to ring again if she couldn't sleep!
She was still having contractions every 4 min til about 2.30 but then turned over and went to sleep.....think she is hoping to sleep through her labour and is doing it in installments.  :-)  [can't say I blame her].  So no babies as yet.

Watch this space as they say. x


Di said...

I'm watching, I'm watching! Love the 'doing it in instalments' theory :)) Hugs, Di xx

mashy20 said...

I look like that lady with her head on laptop!! Grrrr come on twins make an appearance and stop all the teasing.....little monkeys already! x

Twiglet said...

Bets of luck M - hope things get going soon!

SueH said...

I don’t know about you not sleeping Annie, the anticipation is killing me and I’m not even related. Lol.

Not long now hopefully.

X x x

mckinkle said...

Fingers crossed for the installment part Annie! That would be ideal!

Love your new Mr Tumble, that super bright blue of his jacket is stunning!

How many weeks does A have to go?

Keryn x