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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Happy Wednesday to all who pass by here.

Yet again it's been a manic week here at Sewing by Annie's. The weekend was a really successful one with the wonderful Church Gardening Club Sale on our front garden on Saturday.  Sunday came with even more success....Twiglet grabbed us a real bargain from Churchstoke Sunday market....I have been searching for a clean, light weight, second hand, double buggy to keep here for when I look after the twins.  She text me to say there were two up there this week....one at £30 and the other at £80 and the cheaper of the two was immaculate and just what I had been looking for [but up til now had only found ones on ebay for over £50 plus postage!].  I told her to use her judgement and to try to knock her down on the price a bit [well you have to don't you?]......AND she got it for £20 and that includes waterproof covers!!!!!  It's spotless and we really can't believe our luck....thank you so much Jo [especially cos she then pushed it all the way up her bank to get home].

This was our Funday Monday table full of goodies.  Twiglet and our friend T were planning making fabric hearts so all the yummy fabrics and lace trims filled the table.  At the front you can see one of my WIPs...another crocheted baby shawl for yet another pregnant friend's daughter.
Hmmmm I see we haven't hidden the Monday treats very well today so I guess I'd best say help yourself girls....yes we really didn't eat them all  :-)

This is my 'to do' rail today so you can see I wont be sat idle today.  I have 3 posh dresses and a jacket on there as well as many other jobs plus on my long dress hanging rail.......

.....I still have a really gorgeous Wedding dress under wraps that needs a lot of work doing cos I have to shorten the very many layers it has......quite a challenge!

Here is another of my WIPs.....as we have two little boys expected I have been asked to make a patchwork blanket for one of them and these are the colours we have chosen......I rarely have only one project on the go and tend to swap between them when my arthritis plays me up.

 Finally for all you garden lovers [you might want to click to enlarge this one].....I am stood literally just the other side of the window from this cheeky little devil!  He just sat there watching me while I snapped away with my camera! I love to feed the birds but really squirrels are just rats with furry tails even if they do have such cheeky little faces!

Now girls please pop over to Julia's to join in the WOYWW fun.....and don't forget next week is our second year celebrations so make sure your PIF gifts are all ready to post.....mine is  :-)


Spyder said...

ohoo yes, double buggies are brilliant,still got my girls buggie in the attic....just in case it comes in handy one day. Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #37

Helen said...

What a bargain buggy! have a great week.

jude said...

Jo sure got you a Bargain buggy at that price,so pleased it was more than you expected.I honestly dont know where you find the time to do all these jobs ,alterations and look out the window...lol.I sure do admire you!
Have a creative wednesday hugs Judex 12

Nicks said...

wispo wispo - i choked on my brekkie this morning after reading your comment on my blog, you naughty girl!

Neet said...

Don't know what has happened to our squirrels but we don't seem to have as many as usual this year. Still managed to gnaw at our bird table though. Funny watching them with those peanut hangers - trying to get in.
Great bargain from the market - not often you get such wonders.
You look to have lots of work on so I will leave you to it - have a nice day despite the many layered wedding dress.
Hugs, Neet x

Twiglet said...

Just off to Montgomery! have a great day.

sandra de said...

Lovely to hear you had a successful garden club sale. Those little cakes looked delicious. I hope your triffid did not scare anyone on Sunday. (I am so curious to find out the name of the plant.) Thanks for having a guess about the ATC theme. Ciara guessed it was Narnia. She must do cryptic crosswords!

Sue said...

Hi hun
well done on the buggy that was a great price, lots of lovely creativeness on your desk, busy to do rail as always,thanks for the snoop, happy WOYWW, sue,x ( 23)

sasa said...

great buggy find - you'll be good to go! That is if you can get through this lot!!! Good Luck!
Thanks for sharing, have a great week.
Sarah at 18 (Sasa)

Susan Allan said...

I love kntting too, but find I can't follow patterns these days, so I make them up.
I love squirrels. (Not rats! Just squirrels.) I used to live near a red squirrel reserve...love them all red or grey I feel it is not the grey's fault they are here.
Thank you for this interesting post.
Best wishes
Sue xx

SueH said...

Looks like you’ve had a very busy week Annie what with sewing knitting and gardening and I’m pleased your church sale went well……….I hope you saved me one of those fairy cakes!

Happy Crafting!

Pam said...

Looks like you are really busy (as always!!) Hugs Pam x

JoZart said...

Great post as you, as usual, are up to all sorts of craftiness. Well done to Jo getting such a bargain... a gal after my own heart!
Love the photo too but I know what you mean about the squiggle! Cute but trouble!
Take a peek at my previous post for a cute pic of the little'un at the end.
Hugs Jo x

Anonymous said...

OMG! The thought of wheeling a double buggy about leave me shaking. Although it WOULD be more sturdy for hanging bags of shopping on and not have the kids feet first in the air from the weight LOL! Many a time poor DS was depended on to counterbalance a shop for the long walk home thru Islington, when he was dying to get out and walk. Lovely busy rail as ever. Sorry to hear your hands give you trouble, hell for a knitter, sewer, stampers, CRAFTER in general.

Mary Anne
Oh the PIF - time has slipped away from me and I still have no good ideas :(

Julia Dunnit said...

Cuppa, choccies, fabrics and friends..perfect. Great shot of your desk - is that a canvas right at the back? Very pretty.

Tina Gilmore said...

Awww, i'd have come over if i'd known you have choccies!!!! What a bargain buggy wasn't it raining on Sunday too? xx

Sarpreet said...

beautiful dress, great workspace, Happy WOYWW 103, One more week to the 2nd anniversary, #16

Anonymous said...

I'd sooner help my self to the lace than the chocolate. It is gorgeous. I have bits I squirrel away and am in the process of taking a big piece off a t-shirt that I have yet to think of a use for.
x Tricia

Anne said...

what a busy time you're having !!!
Love the squirrel picture . Have a great week
Anne x

okienurse said...

OMG! You always stay so busy...makes me feel like a lazy lump! Love the cheeky squirrel pic! I think he is saying "how dare you put these barriers around the food" Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

Mrs A. said...

We have a squirrel that comes into our garden. He taps the pigeons on the nose if they try to get in his nut basket. Where are all the hearts you made? Would love to see them. Hugs Mrs A.

Paula Gale said...

Double buggies, squirrels, cakes, knitting, full rail - you wear me out just by me reading all that you've been up to. You will be in your element when you have all your babies at the same time - like the good 'ole days eh?

I bet little 'L' has had her first b'day now - remembering that we were with you when A went into labour.

Hope to catch up with you soon. lots of love

Paula x x x

karen said...

Phew, you are busy busy! Looks like lots of stuff on the go there!
Squirrels are funny little creatures. The ones around here, run across the top of our fence and then just sit in the tree making funny noises while my dogs go berserk below. And the squirrels know they are safe up in their tree, lol!
Karen (#123)

Di said...

So much going on at Chez Annie's right now - I'm worn out. You know, that squirrel was looking you right in the eye!!!! Soooo cute :)) Di xx

Artyjen said...

Don't envy you with all the layers on that wedding dress! The squirrel would be welcome here if he ate the peanuts 'cos the birds don't seem to go for them and they go mouldy before they are ever eaten! What a waste!
xoxo Sioux

Kate said...

Great news on the buggy. I've been on the look out for one since we had my neice's news. We can keep it at my mums and then it can be used for the twins or if we have her older boy over - who is the same age as my youngest - they can share! Not found anything like your bargain though, but plenty of time yet!!

** Kate **

Sue from Oregon said...

oh Wipso, it appears you have more than enough projects to keep you out of trouble girl!!!

lisa said...

I'm so late getting to you this week, it's almost next week already!!!
Great news on your garden sale and the buggy and I love seeing all the interesting things you have on the go.
Squirrels will eat anything won't they.
Happy belated WOYWW.
Hugs Lisax #97