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Monday, 23 May 2011

An update and a little extra hoody....

I just thought I would let you all know that Saturday morning events went off very well.  We set up the front garden with the tables and chairs nice and early, as always, and the plants and produce started to arrive by 9.30.  The 5 huge outdoor tables filled to overflowing with tomato, bean, courgette, cucumber and other fruit / veg plants and also every flower / shrub plant you can imagine.  The table in the front of the garage filled with cakes and jars of home made produce.  It all looked splendid.
The sale started at 10 and, very quickly, the front garden filled with folk buying, chatting and drinking coffee.  The weather stayed dry and the sun even honoured us with a few sunny spells throughout the morning.  It was a really special time and I had no doubt Dad was looking down on us with pride.  
For those that didn't grab their buns early I have to say sorry but there are none left......I will add that I have a feeling my darling hubby bought and ate several of them!

The other thing I thought I would show you today is the latest hoody that I finished last night.

I have knitted this one for one of my customers.  She said she has no one to do knitting for her and she is expecting a baby a few weeks before all our are expected.  All babies should have a few hand knitted items so I thought I would make her one.  She asked for one in white cos she doesn't know what she is having.


JoZart said...

So pleased that Sunday went so well and it sounded a really happy special time. Well done!
Th little hoody is so lovely and how thoughtful of you to make it for your customer. I too always think hand knitted baby items are special and makes babies look extra specially cared for.
Hugs Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad Saturday went well - you were lucky the weather stayed good. Your tables sound laden with goodies.
Love the little hoody and white is just the right colour for littles - they always look special.
x Tricia

mckinkle said...

Sounds like it went so very well on Saturday, the produce and plants sounds amazing and I just wish I lived nearer!! But then again, Im dieting now so maybe not!

Beautiful baby hoody! Im sure she will be very thrilled with it as its so special to have a hand knitted item for your new baby!

Keryn x

Di said...

So glad Saturday went off well - like others, I wished I lived nearer. And the little hoodie is adorable - and so typical of you Annie to make it. Your Dad would definately be so proud of his family and friends - especially you and Jo. Hugs, Di x

Li'l Pidge said...

ooh, sounds like it was a wonderful success, and the weather stayed fine-perfect.

Twiglet said...

Yep - it was worth all the effort! You know - that hour that we spent laughing as we pulled weeds in the front garden to tidy it up, the dashing backwards and forwards washing coffee cups, the choosing of great little plants from those clever gardeners and the pleasure of knowing you have done a good job for all those happy folk who chose to join you in your garden!!!