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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone will you......

My 'to do' rail is empty and all my Wedding , bridesmaid and prom dresses are now finished.  If you don't tell anyone I might manage a day doing something for me.

So, girls, what do I do?

Do I find my bikini and do a bit of sunbathing for the day?

Who are you kidding?  You haven't had a bikini for years and if you decided to strip off you would scare away all your customers .  :-)

Do I get paints or multi media messy play out?

Don't be silly.  If you get a customer then you would get paint / glue on their clothes.

Do I open a bottle of wine?

No sorry, it's too early in the day and you might need to pin a dress hem up straight. [and you know what you were like after one glass of wine on Sat night!]

So ? do I get my knitting out?

That's not a bad idea.  You do have rather a lot of little ones to knit for and you can easily put it down if you get a customer.

Twiglet said she might pop down this morning for coffee so I might have company.

That will do you good.  A giggle always makes you feel better and who better to have a giggle with than your best friend.


Twiglet said...

Oh bless you! I am just pegging my washing out and then I will be on my way - get the kettle on!!

Suz said...

Hi..have fun would have joined you both if l hadn't got a wall to paint again
I'll get there some day soon l hope lol
Hugs XX

Anonymous said...

If the weather is good , a little gentle gardening - ie making another list for 'the man who does' might be in order, with a long cool drink in one hand of course ( doesn't have to be alcolholic to look good)
Have a good day.
x Tricia

Charlene said...

Cute post, Wipso!!

Pam said...

never too early for a cheeky vino its 12 noon somewhere in the world!! Hugs Pam x

Doone said...

I'm with Pam,

at home, no work,

open the wine and paint jars...